Mt. Bieterman Letterbox
*I'll be very happy to give any of these boxes back to their original owners upon request.  I have only adopted these boxes for upkeep and historical means and do not count them among my planted boxes.
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Originally placed by BirkieBob.  Adopted for safe-keeping by The Dragon.

Placed by: BirkieBob
Placement date: Nov 25, 2001 (LbNA Post #9015)
State: Wisconsin
County: Milwaukee
Nearest city: Glendale
Number of boxes: 1


**Box originally placed by Birkiebob -- adopted for caretaking by The Dragon 4/05**

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Easy, one hill, 30 minutes

This letter box has been placed in honor of Coach Bernard Bieterman, teacher and cross country running coach at nearby Nicolet High School. For many years the Nicolet cross country athletes trained in Kletzsch Park under his quiet but firm and focused guidance. Coach Bieterman insisted that training sessions regularly include "hill work" on the largest hill in the park. During one expecially challenging and character-building session his runners unofficially christened the hill, "Mount Bieterman" while doubled over, gasping and hoping for recovery before the next "hill repeat." In fact those hill training sessions gave his team a significant competitive advantage especially during home meets when the course dictated that the runners make two ascents of that very hill.

Although Coach Bieterman probably never knew that a "mountain" had been named in his honor, the legend stands as a tribute and an expression of gratitude from at least one of his former athletes. His calm, honest and direct demeanor created a supportive atmosphere that encouraged his students to grow both in the classroom and the athletic fields. More than two decades later this tribute is gratefully placed by one of those students and athletes who in fact is still running for fitness and competition.

Glendale is a community north of Milwaukee along Interstate 43. Exit the interstate at the "Good Hope Road" exit. At the end of the exit go east to the first street, Port Washington Road and turn right to continue Southward. At the next traffic light, Green Tree Road, turn right and travel West back across I-43. Immediately after crossing the highway turn left onto Jean Nicolet Road. You'll pass Nicolet High School on your right. Continue for about a mile under a railroad bridge and turn right (west) on Bender Road at the water treatment plant. Follow Bender Road west across the Milwaukee River, and turn Right (north) on Milwaukee River Parkway. About a half mile later after once again passing under the same railroad tracks you'll come to the park pavillion on your right. Mount Bieterman will be on your left covered by evergreen trees. You'll find ample parking in the area.


To participate in this tribute and begin your cross country challenge join the ranks of Coach's
runners and make an ascent of Mount Bieterman. Upon your successful summit and while enjoying the view consult your compass. From the summit travel cross country on a bearing of 76 degrees. Your course will take you across a road and past a picnic area sign and then onward to a path into the woods. Follow the path over painted roots and past a stand of birch trees on your left. Continue along the path as it curves to the left along the top of a steep bank of the Milwaukee River being careful not to fall over the edge. Stop at the "Big V." (If you come to the end of the woods, you've missed it; go back.) Consult your compass
once again and pace off approximately 60 steps on a bearing of 290 degrees stepping over a log on the way. You'll come to the trunk of a large standing tree. Check its opposite side, and you'll find that it's hollow. Reach inside on your right. Search deeply within yourself and the trunk to pay tribute to a good man.

After stamping up, please carefully return the box to its hiding place and return to the "Big V." Return by reversing your course on the woods path or continue in your original direction to a road that will take you back to the main road to the left or to a large picnic area to the right. Feel free to continue your hill work by performing several more "hill repeats" on Mount Bieterman. If you're not feeling athletic, enjoy a relaxing tour of the park including the water fall in the river. Perhaps a picnic lunch will be enjoyable. Thank you for your visit.

Placed by: Birkie Bob on 25 November, 2001 (My first!)

I'd appreciate email telling me of your visit and the condition of the box.

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