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What is Letterboxing?
Wisconsin Letterboxes of Antiquity Webpage
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General Letterboxes
Letterbox Series
Bristol Ren Faire Series
Math-based Series
Cambridge Parkway Series
The Great Circus Train Series

     General Letterboxes

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Key of the Twilight
by See-Saw
Sung by Yuki Kajiura


from the Anime: .hack//SIGN

Good Anime! ^_^


Environmental Classroom Jackson, WI  
WI Mystery Box ????, WI  
The Buffy Box` Milwaukee, WI  
German Letterbox Milwaukee, WI
Mee-Mee Goes Letterboxing Meeme, WI
Watery Grave Letterbox Milwaukee, WI  
Squished Pennies Letterbox Milwaukee, WI
REI Letterbox Brookfield, WI  
Cross Country County Slinger, WI  
Wehr's Waldo Mystery ????, WI  
Creative Writing: The Never-ending Story Milwaukee, WI  
Wisconsin HH Hostel Milwaukee, WI  
  Edgar Allen Hippoe Letterbox Edgar, WI
  Rib Mountain Letterbox Wausau, WI  

My japanese name is
猿渡 Saruwatari
真 Kazuma
(monkey on a crossing bridge 一one reality).
Take your real Japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Timm's Hill Letterbox Ogema, WI  
The 45-90 Letterbox Poniatowski, WI  
Kewaunee Harbor Light Kewaunee, WI  
Sherwood Point Lighthouse #2 Sturgeon Bay, WI  
Baby Maeghan's Baptism Letterbox  Sparta. WI  
Rummage Sale Letterbox ???, ???
Hwy 1 North End Fort Kent, ME  
Hancock Park Letterbox Hancock, WI  
Rogue Stamp 2 and 3 Letterboxes Plover, WI  
Door County 45th Parallel Hwy 42 Egg Harbor, WI  
  Door County 45th Parallel Hwy 57 Jacksonport, WI  
Leek Spin Girls Series Wales, WI
  First Kindergarten Watertown, WI  
  Tribeca Letterboxes Watertown, WI  
  The Wisconsin Gas Flame Worthington, OH  
  The A-maze-ing Highway Gladstone, ND  


Letterbox Series


Elroy - Sparta Bike Trail Tunnel Series

Tunnel # 1 Kendall, WI
Tunnel # 2 Wilton, WI
Tunnel # 3 Norwalk, WI

Oak Leaf Trail/MCP Series

Brown Deer Park Milwaukee, WI
Estabrook Park #1 Milwaukee, WI
Estabrook Park #2 Milwaukee, WI
Grant Park Milwaukee, WI
Mitchell Park Milwaukee, WI
Doyne Park Milwaukee, WI
Hansen Park Milwaukee, WI
Currie Park Milwaukee, WI
Dretzka Park Milwaukee, WI

Art in the Park Series

Dancing Dinosaurus Rex Howard, WI
Ziggy Goes to China Howard, WI
Fish Howard, WI
Shadow Bird Howard, WI
Water Lizard Howard, WI
Barking Dog on an Ottoman Howard, WI

PI Day Series

Shepherds PI West Bend, WI
American PI West Bend, WI
Slice o' PI West Bend, WI
Pizza PI West Bend, WI
Moon PI West Bend, WI
Cow PI West Bend, WI

Vampire Hunter Series

Vampire Hunter Series West Bend, WI

The Weapons of Math Instruction Series

Protractor Slinger, WI
Compass Slinger, WI
Ruler Slinger, WI
Calculator Slinger, WI
Slide Rule Slinger, WI
Abacus Slinger, WI

Michigan Trip Series

HWY 41 Letterbox Copper Harbor, MI
Canyon Falls Letterbox Alberta, MI
Go to Hell Letterbox Hell, MI
Mo' Mustangs Dexter, MI
The Broken Key Waterloo, MI
Area 51 Wixom, MI

Minnesota Trip Series

Glockenspiel Letterbox New Ulm, MN
Hermann the German Letterbox New Ulm, MN
Schell Brewery Letterbox New Ulm, MN
My Favorite Teacher Letterbook New Ulm, MN
"L" is for Letterboxing Letterbook New Ulm, MN
My Favorite Book Letterbook New Ulm, MN
Minneinneopa Falls Letterbox Mankato, MN
Seppman Windmill Letterbox Mankato, MN
Clara's Letterbox Mankato, MN
Walking Across the Mississippi Lake Itasca, MN
Florida Trip Series

Hwy 1 South End

Key West, FL
Hwy 41 South End Miami, FL
Key Lime Pi Key West, FL
Smallest Post Office Somewhere, FL
Idaho Trip Series
Art in the Park-What Zoo Boise Needs Boise, ID
A Cheesehead in Idaho Southwest, ID
French Creek Boxes French Creek, ID

Bristol Renaissance Faire Series

Letterpeople/All-season Letterboxes

Eric Grainger/The Crier Stamp
St. Brigid's Cross/The Sweet Scent of Bristol
Jane the Phoole
Please No Rats in the Soup Box
The Kilt-a-fied Stamp
The Knight of Swords
The Elusive Security Stamp
The Thomas Cecil Stamp
The Hard Core Trad Stamp
The Tintinnabulation Stamp
Letterboxing Bristol Ren Faire

The Charitable Mistress

Here Be Dragons Series

Spellbook of Incantrix

Swamp Moster


Seasonal Letterboxes:

2004 Season

2005 Season

2006 Season

2007 Season

Ale and Sassafras Gamemaster The Swordsmen! Jester's Hand Puppet (Punch)
Pippins Books Broon! Jester's Sceptor
Eat Spicy Dragon Chicken Wings Glassworks Cristoph the Insulter Jester's Hat
Garlic Mushrooms Musical Instruments Craig of Farrington Jester's Striped Tights
Turkey Legs Jewelry Flight of the Raptors Jester's Mask
Butterfly Potatoes Clothing Moonie Jester's Shoes
  Weapons and Armor William Shakespeare Fairy Wings
  Griffon Candles Mud Show  

2008 Season

2009 Season 2010 Season 2011 Season
What NOT to Wear 1 Dragon Eggs Treant Goblins
What NOT to Wear 2 Dragon Hatchling Faun Ogres
What NOT to Wear 3 Dragon Baby Unicorn Lizardmen
What NOT to Wear 4 Dragon Tween Gargoyle Skeletons
What TO Wear 1 Dragon Adult Invisible Stalker Minotaurs
What TO Wear 2 Dragon Spirit Elf Shadows

Math Based Series

Triangles! Triangles! Everywhere!1 Series

Sierpinskiís Triangle Washington Cty, WI
The Right Triangle Spiral Washington Cty, WI
Archimedes' Spiral Washington Cty, WI

Triangles! Triangles! Everywhere!2 Series

Triangle Sunburst Waukesha Cty, WI
Heighway's Dragon Waukesha Cty, WI
Koch Snowflake Waukesha Cty, WI

Triangles! Triangles! Everywhere!3 Series

Triangle Triad Ozaukee, WI
Impossible Triangles Ozaukee, WI
Padovan Triangles Ozaukee, WI

Triangles! Triangles! Everywhere!4 Series




Cowculus Series

Cowculus 1 Washington Cty, WI
Cowculus 2 Grafton, WI
  Cowculus 3 West Bend, WI
  Cowculus 4 West Bend, WI

Math Man Series

Mathman 1 Milwaukee, WI
Mathman 2 Port Washington, WI
Mathman 3 Menomonee Falls, WI
Mathman 4 Germantown, WI
Mathman 5 West Bend, WI
Mathman 6 West Bend, WI
Mathman 7 Mequon, WI
Mathman 8 Cedarburg,  WI
Mathman 9 Brookfield, WI
Mathman 10 Milwaukee, WI
Mathman 11 Hartford, WI
Mathman 12 Mequon, WI
Mathman 13 Germantown, WI
Mathman 14 Cedarburg,  WI
Mathman 15 ???, WI
Mathman 16 Germantown, WI
Mathman 18 West Bend, WI
Mathman 19 Menomonee Falls, WI
Mathman 20 Jackson, WI
  Mathman 21 Germantown, WI
Mathman 22 Jackson, WI
Mathman 23 West Bend, WI
Mathman 24 Germantown, WI
Mathman 25 Jackson, WI
Mathman 26 Mequon, WI
Mathman 27 Jackson, WI
Mathman 28 Jackson, WI
Mathman 29 Jackson, WI
Mathman 30 Jackson, WI
Mathman 31 Jackson, WI
Mathman 32 Germantown, WI
Mathman 33 West Bend, WI
Mathman 34  
Mathman 35  
Mathman 36  
Mathman 37  

Cambridge Parkway Series

Cambridge Parkway Beginning Box Milwaukee, WI
Mmmm . . . Pie! Milwaukee, WI
River Cottonwoods Milwaukee, WI
Rogue Stamp Milwaukee, WI
Oak Leaf Letterbox Milwaukee, WI
Out of Water Milwaukee, WI
On the Right Track Milwaukee, WI
The Bridges of Cambridge Parkway Milwaukee, WI
The Prozac Box Milwaukee, WI
Walk on the Beach Box Milwaukee, WI
In Memoriam Milwaukee, WI

Pommerntag Series

Pomerania Thiensville, WI
Pomeranians Thiensville, WI
Pomeranian Griffon Thiensville, WI
KML CC Going to State Series
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Patrick Behringer  
Eric Seer  
Tabby Thorson  
The 2008 Girls Team (7)  
Morgan Steffens  
Garrett Miller  
Other Letterboxes
The Pyramids at College Park Milwaukee, WI
Cooler by the Drake Green Lake, WI
Rustic Roads ???, WI
Happy Days #1 Milwaukee, WI
Happy Days #2 Milwaukee, WI
World's Largest Six Pack LaCrosse, WI
First Recycling Program Madison, WI
Curtis Flying Boat Boulder Junction WI
Virtual Letterboxes 
Famous Dragons of Literature
Mathman 1 Virtual 
Mathman 4 Virtual 
Mathman 17

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