Having only begun letterboxing in August of 2002, I was not around when letterboxing began in Wisconsin in 1998.  As best as I can tell, most of the first letterboxes in Wisconsin were planted by college students in Green Bay and Madison.  When they left college, they left their letterboxes and letterboxing in general.  Unfortunately, by the time I began letterboxing, a number of Wisconsin letterboxes had disappeared.

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With the updates to the LBNA website in 2004 many of these boxes also became unclaimed, although a few were adopted.  I adopted the remaining ones whether the boxes were still active or not.  Some clues however, were lost before I could copy them.

This site is dedicated to the lost and abandoned Wisconsin letterboxes to keep them alive at least in our memories.  Listed below are the letterboxes that fall into one of these two categories along with their status.  For your amusement, I have also replicated the old LBNA website format of the clue pages for these boxes wherever possible.  Please come back to this site often to note any updates that may occur, as my intent is to replace as many of the boxes as I can.

If you are the original owner* of any of these boxes, have any information about their history, or original stamp images of these boxes, please contact me.  If you know of any historical Wisconsin boxes that are not in this list or the current LBNA site please let me know. Eventually, I would like to also turn this page into a recorded history of letterboxing in Wisconsin.  Any history you can send me to add to this site is very welcome!


*I'll be very happy to give any of these boxes back to their original owners upon request.  I have only adopted these boxes for upkeep and historical means and do not count them among my planted boxes.


Letterbox Name   Nearest Town
Algoma Pierhead Lighthouse Letterbox   Algoma, WI
Aztalan State Park Letterboxes   Lake Mills, WI
Bailey's Harbor Letterboxes   Bailey's Harbor, WI
Boyhood Adventures   Milwaukee, WI
Calatrava/Green One   Milwaukee, WI
Cana Island Lighthouse Letterbox   Bailey's Harbor, WI
Cave Point Letterbox   Whitefish Bay, WI
Chanticleer Letterbox   Sturgeon Bay, WI
High Cliff Letterboxes Appleton, WI
Holy Hill   Hubertus, WI
La Salle Park Letterboxes   Algoma, WI
Mink River Letterbox   Rowley's Bay, WI
Mt. Bieterman   Milwaukee, WI
Original Wisconsin Mystery - Much Ado About Nothing   ???, WI
Sherwood Point Lighthouse/Cabot Point Letterboxes   Sturgeon Bay, WI
Sturgeon Bay Shipping Canal Series   Sturgeon Bay, WI
Twelve Foot Falls Letterbox   Dunbar, WI
Tyranena Letterbox   Lake Mills, WI
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay Letterboxes   Green Bay, WI


Letterbox Name   Nearest Town
3M   Manitowoc, WI
Attack Goose   Milwaukee, WI
Boerner Botanical Gardens   Milwaukee, WI
East River Trail Letterbox Series   Green Bay, WI
Emma   New Fane, WI
Green Isle Park Green Bay, WI
Heritage Hills State Park Letterbox   Green Bay, WI
Peabody Park   Appleton, WI
Madison Area Letterboxes   Madison, WI
Madison Tribute Series   Madison, WI
River Watch Letterbox   Fort Atkinson, WI
Be Mine Valentine Series   ???, WI
Wehr Nature Center Letterbox   Milwaukee, WI
Castle Rock Letterbox   Camp Douglas, WI
E-Way Trails   Madison, WI
Two Forests   ???, WI

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