Chanticleer Guest House

*I'll be very happy to give any of these boxes back to their original owners upon request.  I have only adopted these boxes for upkeep and historical means and do not count them among my planted boxes.
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Chanticleer Guest House (5/9/1999 LbNA #1593)
Difficulty Level:  Easy 

The original box is still in place, but the original logbook was destroyed by water and mold.  I have modified the original clues just a bit.  Modifications are in red. 

According to post #1533 on the "big list", Dierdra knows the owners of the Chanticleer and the owners look forward to having letterboxers come and visit:

"My friends up there own a guest house with woods. They stated they will be looking forward to meeting everyone that would be coming up.  They also say that those that do, can stay awhile if they wish and have a wonderful time."

So enjoy yourself while you find the box without feeling like you are trespassing.  You might even thank the owners or even stay at the B & B.


Update (10/22/06): The owners ask that you check-in with them at the office before searching for the box.  Check-in is at the "barn".  If you don't see someone, there is a phone there to page them.  (I do not think the current owners are the owners Dierdra knew.)  Thanks! 

On the north side of Sturgeon Bay (on Hwy. 57/42) follow the signs to the Chanticleer Guest House Bed and Breakfast.  The signs are fading and disappearing.  Take Hwy. 57/42 north to Cty BB.  Turn left onto BB and drive until you get to the intersection with Cty HH.  Turn right onto HH and about a quarter mile up the road the Chanticleer will be on your right.  Pull into their parking lot and park as close to the gazebo as you can. 

Start at the gazebo, follow the path to the woods. Take the right path at the "Y" over the footbridge.  Once over the little wooden footbridge you will be heading east. You will pass a large pile of wood on your right (The wood pile may be gone now.). Past that (about 114 steps or 131 steps from the end of the bridge) you will find a stone circle on the right hand side along the edge of the trees. Walk toward the stones. Nestled in this circle you will find the letterbox.  Note:  There is a faint trail developing to the letterbox off the main trail.  Since the sign at the beginning of the main trail asks us to stay on the trail but I didn't want to move the box, please let's do them a favor and use multiple ways to get to the box so we can let the faint trail recover it's former life.  If possible, find a way to the circle of rocks that minimizes any foot traffic to the area.  Thanks!

-Dierdra & Dragon

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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