Calatrava/Green One Letterboxes
*I'll be very happy to give any of these boxes back to their original owners upon request.  I have only adopted these boxes for upkeep and historical means and do not count them among my planted boxes.
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Originally placed by Bob Marx.  Adopted for safe-keeping by The Dragon.

Placed by: Bob Marx
Placement date: Oct 22 2001
State: Wisconsin
County: Milwaukee
Nearest city: Milwaukee
Number of boxes: 2


Terrain: Easy, but some long walks.
Difficulty: Just a lot of numbers.
Placed: October 22, 2001 (LbNA post #8511)
By: Bob Marx

Green One has been replaced on 12/27/06!!!!
Both boxes are camo-taped now.

Don't be intimidated. This is actually two letterboxes!

Start at Milwaukee's new addition to the Art Museum designed by Calatrava. Marvel at the engineering of the footbridge suspended over the road by how many cables?

Move north to the open terrace of the old Art Museum/War Memorial where you can admire the Calatrava's lakeside facade. Then from the center of the terrace, look north (20 degrees Magnetic) and travel to the three brown marble columns at the south end of the lagoon.

Subtract the number of columns from the number of marble benches, then add the number of short marble posts that surround you to arrive at "the monument number".

Locate the flag poles nearby at the intersection of five paths. Enjoy a long walk along the lake to the farthest point of land east (excluding the breakwater) - about a 3/4 mile hike. Wait until you're alone!!! Spot the "cavern" under Green One and you'll find this bonus box magnatized to the top underneath to the right. You will have to reach deep and pull moderately hard (strong magnets). Replace it in the exact same position so it cannot be seen.

Add the number of cables supporting Calatrava's footbridge to the number of flag poles at "Five Paths". From Green One, take that number of steps north along the breakwall and find the number in the red circle. (Careful, don't fall in.)

Return to the Vietnam Monument. To pass the time during the walk, multiply "the monument number" by the square of the "red circle number". This is your bearing. Now stand between the three tall columns and follow your bearing to a giant maple tree (14 feet in circumference). PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO BE RUN OVER. IT'S A BUSY STREET.

From the south side of the tree, walk 40 feet, (about 14 of my steps) bearing 230 degrees to find the letterbox.

Good Luck,

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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