Boerner Botanical Gardens
This box has been retired.  See information below.

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This box was placed by Capt. Jim in December, 2002.  As there were only a few WI letterboxers at the time, most of us got to stamp in before it, its counterpart Wehr Nature Center, and Attack Goose suddenly disappeared.  Speculation centered on the Wehr/Boerner staff, and has now been confirmed.  Capt. Jim reports that the land manager for Wehr (Mark Verhagen) emailed him that our hobby is not an acceptable activity and to remove the boxes as soon as possible (paraphrased).  Capt Jim did pull his two boxes immediately, so they are preserved, but sadly retired. 

Considering this report, Dragon is happy to report that Wehr's Waldo is still alive and kicking - so take that Mr. Verhagen! :-P

Boerner Botanical Gardens, Whitnall Park
5879 S. 92  st., Hales Corners,Wi  53130
Milwaukee county, Wi.


Outstanding variety of plants with different blooms according to the season.  Water fall grotto.  New visitor center opening to replace stone farm house.  Accessible by walking from parking lots in Whitnall Park.  Parking lot at gardens has a fee from May thru Sept.  Enjoy your walk through the gardens.

The search starts at the north end of the pool in the rose garden.  Walk north to the covered walkway.  Make a right turn and walk to the stone pelicans. Make a left turn and admire the view to the southwest. Your destination is that tree near that bench.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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