Attack Goose Letterbox
This box is missing but may be replaced by the original owner.
*Historical information on this page has been submitted and/or approved by the original owner of this box.
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This box was originally placed by John and Sara of Leapin' Lizards fame in June, 2003.  The ornate box, logbook, and stamp image was placed to commemorate their first date which took place in the park.  Unfortunately, the box disappeared within two weeks of its placement.  Speculation as to its demise ranges from curious animals, to delinquent teenagers, to the over-zealous staff at Wehr and Boerner - the later seeming to be confirmed by Capt. Jim's report that the local grounds keeper does not approve of letterboxing.  Did this grounds keeper actually pick up the box?  Is it still around or did he throw it out?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Fortunately, the Leapin' Lizards are still together and may replace the box at some point...

Attack Goose

Placed by: Leapin' Lizards
Placement date: Jun 12 2003
State: Wisconsin
County: Milwaukee
Nearest City: Greenfield
Number of Boxes: 1


At the road to the Botanical garden, pull up to the sign that reads "Picnic Areas 5, 6, 7, and 8."  Park there on the road between the red barn and the pond.  Go to the small crab tree directly across from the picnic area sign.  Walk along the pond's edge to the side of the pond geese fly to in the winter.  Listen for the waterfall on your right as you continue travelling along the pond's edge.  Note the path into the woods on your right that leads uphill.  Keep to the pond's edge.  Walk past  the tall coniferous family, neighbors to the shorter deciduous family.  Soon you will pass a large oak.  Console the weeping tree on your left and listne for the waterfall on your left.  Travel north from the end of the fencepost to a place fit for a country dance.  From the white door, take a bearing of 320 degrees.  Follow that line and take a seat by "Vicky" under the tall oak. Take the winter route to the cluster of "3" with hanging arms.  From the center of the cluster walk toward the sound of rushing water.  From underneath "Royalty" follow the footpath into the woods toward the water.  Top of the wall.  Hollow log left.  In hollow.

Leapin' Lizards

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