Hermann the German Letterbox

Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: July 29, 2005
By: The Dragon
Location: Brown County, MN
Nearest town: New Ulm, MN

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Part of the New Ulm Series - Click here for more information

Another prominent feature of New Ulm is the Hermann the German monument located on Herman Heights, of course!  The statue commemorates a first century German leader who lead a patchwork of tribes to victory over the Romans. It's patterned after a similar statue in Detmold, Germany.

The monument has just undergone a complete make-over and is now open to the public again during the summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day 10-5 Mon through Fri and 10-7 on Sat and Sun. Cost: $2.00 per person.) The view from the top provides a great 360 degree view of the area, including the valleys of both the old and new route of the Minnesota River. You do not need to go up the monument to find the box. You will need a compass.


Hermann, the monument, is surrounded by a large fence. Stand with your back to the padlock near the spotlight pole. Site 50 degrees to the nearest two-trunked tree at the edge of the grass (make sure that the fence does not interfere with your compass). Walk to that tree. Site 80 degrees and walk just five steps. Site 1 degree and push your way into the underbrush. You will walk down 13 steps to deadfall in front of you (the bark is worn away). Look right and see a tree that is broken about 5 feet above the ground. Hermann, the letterbox, is cradled aloft in the broken tree, about 5 feet from the break. The box is under just a little bit of debris. Please re-hide accordingly.

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