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In July of 2005, I had to return to my alma matter, Dr. Martin Luther College (now Martin Luther College) in New Ulm, MN to be a delegate at our synod's conference.  I decided to combine business with pleasure and planned to do some letterboxing around the conference week.  Seeing that there were no letterboxes in the immediate area at the time, I planned a few extra days journey to and from New Ulm to travel to farther away areas to find some boxes.  Reminiscing from college days of all the neat places to visit in the New Ulm area itself, I also planned to plant some boxes to put it on the letterboxing map.  Although I thought of more places to hide boxes in the area than I had time to carve

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stamps, I hope you enjoy a letterboxing trip to the New Ulm area and are encouraged to plant a box or two yourself at one of the many local attractions to add to the number of boxes in the area.  If not, I'm sure I'll make another journey back sometime to plant more!
For those of you not familiar with my other boxes, my boxes are often camouflaged with camouflage colored duct tape to make them less noticeable.  Also, most of my stamps are best stamped in multiple colors.  If a stamp has a particular coloring scheme, you will find an example of the colored image in the logbook of the box.  I strongly recommend that you bring inking pens if you do these boxes.  Although you can use cheap magic markers as inking pens, you might want to spend a little extra money to get real inking pens.  I recommend and use the Marvy LePlume Markers 12 pack of regular (primary) assorted colors which can usually be purchased at crafting stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  If you will not be bringing coloring markers of some sort, please bring wet and dry rags to clean the stamps after you use them so the coloring is not ruined for future visitors who may want to color the stamp images.  Thanks!

You can do these boxes in any order that you wish, but do note that some of the boxes can only be found when the parks or buildings they are in are open.  For some others, you might want to be at the spot at a certain time to enjoy the display!  I'd suggest reading through all the clues ahead of time, doing preliminary research at home, and then planning your trip well.

Martin Luther College Letterbooks


General Information - Be sure to read

All three "letterbooks" are located in the Martin Luther College (MLC) library with their permission.  You can visit the college's website to learn about its history, its purpose, and to get a campus map (although the map is a bit dated).  You will need to find these "letterbooks" when the library is open.  Currently, the summer hours are 8-4 M-F.  During the fall and spring semesters, the library is open something like 7am to 11pm all week, but I haven't been able to confirm the times yet and the info is not on the website yet.

For each "letterbook", you will need to deduce from the clues the fake Library of Congress book number I've created for each book, then go and find it on the shelves like you'd find a regular book.  These books are NOT in the library's catalog, so don't look there.  After "stamping up" you may either return the book to the shelf where you found it (if you are positive about its placement), or do as the signs say and leave it on a book cart for the staff to return to the shelf.  If you leave it on a cart, please leave it so it lies flat so the stamp doesn't fall out, preferably under another book.

For an added bit of fun, each book will require you to do more than just "stamp up" so plan extra time and make a note of the materials that are suggested that you bring.  Also, be sure to clean up after yourself and respect the Christian nature of the campus in what you do, write, and draw so we can continue to keep these books there.  If you have time, stop to thank the staff for allowing us to have the letterbooks there on your way out.


Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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