Clara's Letterbox

Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: July 29, 2005
Replaced: August, 2013
By: The Dragon
Location: Blue Earth County, MN
Nearest town: Mankato, MN

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Unfortunately, driving past Sepmann Mill and Minneopa Falls along Hwy 68 also brought back one unpleasant memory.  Just a couple of years after I graduated, one of my best friends from college died in a terrible auto accident on the "S" curve just to the east of the falls turn-off.  As I drove through the area - the first time I had been back to the area since the accident - I looked to see whether there was a roadside memorial to my friend.  Not being too surprised that there was no memorial, I decided to plant a box in memory of her nearby.


I didn't need to look far for an appropriate place to plant the box.  Just a little east of where Hwy 68 meets Hwy 60/169 there is a park to the north of Hwy 60/169 called Land of Memories Park.  The access road is marked by a sign in both directions on Hwy 60/169.  Drive into the park, pass the lot at the park office, take a turn to the left and park in the first lot.

To your south you will see a hill that leads up to the railroad tracks. You can walk up the hill now and head east parallel to the tracks (a few feet away in case of trains) or walk east along the base of the hill parallel to the tracks (trying to avoid the golfers). Either way, as you approach the railroad bridge over the river on the east end of the park you need to be up near the tracks and spot the small posts rising out of the ground. Find the first post as you head east towards the bridge and walk to the 17th small post on the left (north) side of the tracks. From this post face north and spot the bush that is downhill about 15 steps or so. The box is located under many stones on the west side of this bush.

Note that the box is under a few layers of rocks for a number of reasons. This box has been lost many times due to flooding and vandalism. With all these rocks the box won't float away and will be hidden from teenagers that frequent the location. Please re-hide accordingly.  Thanks!

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