The Three Headed Knight

Created by: Doglvrs
Placed by: The Dragon
Location: New Fane, Fond du Lac Cty, WI
This box is part of the Great Lakes LB Groupís 2005 Exchange Ė
Monty Pythonís The Holy Grail.

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Brave, brave, Sir Robin, rode forth from New Fane.  He was not afraid to die, no, not brave Sir Robin!  Except...

While traveling through the woods with his minstrels, they happened upon a three-headed knight!  While the knight tried to decide with itself what to do with Sir Robin, Sir Robin ran away, uh, I mean, was in a hurry and politely excused himself and continued on through the woods.

Having "soiled" himself in the encounter with the three-headed knight, Robin sent his (annoying) minstrels ahead of him while he stopped to "relieve himself" at an outhouse they came upon in the woods.  Seeing that his minstrels had vacated the area, Robin when into the outhouse, locked the door, and began changing his armor.  In mid-change however, someone came and pulled on the door handle, spooking Robin once again.  "Occupied!" yelled Robin, and he heard them run off into the woods.

Completing his business in the outhouse, Robin unlocked the door and stepped out.  No sooner than he took that first step, he noticed, to his utter terror, that the three-headed knight was no more than 14 paces away from him in the woods!  It seemed to Robin that the knight was hiding behind a three-trunked birch tree waiting to jump out and catch Robin . . . or was he the one who needed the outhouse when Robin was inside?  (He did seem to be squatting with his back to Robin....)

Not thinking about it more than the time it takes to bang two coconuts halves together, Robin ran off to catch up with his minstrels.  He quickly ran past shelter #2 (where someone was making tea and biscuits), and went left up the steep hill.  Being very winded at the top, Robin had to be very careful not to fall on the many rocks and roots in the path.  Moving on downhill, Robin passed a brown sign on his left at an intersection, but he didn't take time to turn around to read it as he continued to run straight ahead downhill.

As he continued, he passed a white pole and briefly noticed someone had written "south" on the top.  Running over more rocks and roots and up and down hills made his thinking delirious: "Wait!  Is that another three-headed knight in the valley on the left?!!  No time to check for sure... ah!  There's another one on the left!!!  Run, Robin, run!!!!  Up hill again, pant, pant... half way uphill...ah! another three headed knight even closer!  Don't look Robin!  Run, run, run!!! Look out!  A living FOUR-headed knight with one head cut off on the right!  Ahhhhhh! Get me out of here!!!!"  Lucky for Robin, there were no intersections with other paths to stop and think about!

At this point, Robin was running so frantically along the path he nearly gave himself a lobotomy on a tree that had fallen at an angle over the path!   Finally, after running about a half-mile, Robin came upon a strange, but not-too-frightening scene:  Large armored wagons were traveling at high speeds upon a black surface at irregular intervals!  Before he could take it all in, someone called out to him. . .

"Sir Robin!"

"Oh!  Hello, Merlin!  What brings you to this strange place?" asked Robin.

"I'm looking for my dog.  You haven't seen a dog that answers to the name 'Emma', have you?" asked Merlin.  "I keep forgetting that my dog is growing younger like me, so instead of looking for an old dog, I need to look for a puppy!"

"No, no dogs or puppies back where I came from.  Nothing back that way at all actually, nope not a thing...", replied Robin.

"Oh well, thanks anyway.  I guess I'll go across the road and begin my search for Emma over that way then.  By the way, I suppose you'll be wanting to catch up with your minstrels, eh?"

"Oh, yes!  Do you know where they are?"

"Yes, I sent them back home with Ardea using a teleportation spell.  Ardea wanted to go and get our dinner ready and seeing your minstrels, some great dish idea came to her that she said your minstrels could help out with...anyway, off you go..." **POOF!**

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