The Holy Grail Series

Created by the letterboxers of the Great Lakes Region

Sometimes it is amazing what a simple comment on a message board can accomplish!  What started as a quick witticism to the GL group grew into this gigantic series which took about a year to create.  With the aid of some 20 letterboxers from the Great Lakes and beyond, we offer this series of letterboxes centered around one of our favorite movies for your enjoyment!

Being a GL group project, all of the letterboxes in this series are scattered around the Great Lakes region.  It is your quest to find each of the 40 letterboxes and the series hitchhiker and collect not only the stamp images, but also the encrypted clues they contain.  Once you have collected all the clues, you can put them in order to decipher the clues to the location of the Holy Grail box.  Since accomplishing this task will be a huge undertaking, there will be prizes for the first three individuals that complete the series in its entirety.

For the sake of those questing, please do NOT distribute secret information about the series (via WOM, email, etc.).  Do note that the location of the series hitchhiker should be regularly reported, and that the hitchhiker MUST be placed only in HG series boxes (excluding the Grail box of course).

Be advised that most of these stamps are very colorful, "requiring" the use of inking pens.  It is strongly suggested that you bring inking pens to color and stamp the images as intended.  If you are not bringing inking pens, then be sure to bring materials to completely clean the the stamps when you are done, so those that do have inking pens can use them.

Also, most of these boxes are covered in camo-tape so they blend into the environment well.  Keep this in mind as you search!

Please report any problems with the series or direct questions to The Dragon, who maintains the series webpage.

Happy Questing!

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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