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Placed by: Merlin and Ardea   (contact the placer)
Placement date: Jun 5 2004
State: Wisconsin
County: Fond du Lac
Nearest city: Kewaskum
Number of boxes: 1


Diffculty: Hilly path, 4 mile hike.
Emma was my Black Lab. For thirteen and a half years she was a trusted and trusting friend, a ready companion, and the sweetest dog I've known. The picture on the cover of the logbook was taken some years ago during a fall hike on the Ice Age Trail. Emma was in her prime and we stopped to look out over the Milwaukee River Valley. This Letterbox commorates that time and is located very near the spot where the picture was taken. Included in the logbook is a later picture of Emma holding her "sacred" blue ball.
To find the Emma Letterbox go north on highway 45 from Milwaukee to Kewaskum, WI. Turn east on highway 28 and then north on CTH 'S'. Continue on 'S' to the village of New Fane. Continue on 'S' for a mile and a half past the intersection of CTH 'DD' where the Ice Age Trail crosses the road and park.
Take the Ice Age Trail south (it's marked with white posts that have yellow tags). Be sure to notice the glacial moraine features as you hike along, but be careful to stay on the trail as there are some healthy patches of Poison Ivy along the way. Continue until you reach an overlook with a bench on the right of the trail - you can't miss it. Sitting on the bench find the oak tree at 349 degrees. Emma's letterbox is under some rocks at the base of the tree.
Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.
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