Be Mine Valentine Series
This box is retired.
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This box was placed by Agent Ink and Z-Fan in February, 2004.  The stamp was in two parts, and one had to follow a cryptic haiku to find both parts.  Making the hunt even more difficult was the time limit - the boxes were only available during February, 2004.

Be Mine Valentine Series

Placed by: Agent Ink
Placement date: Jan 24 2004
State: Wisconsin
County: Mystery
Nearest city: ???
Number of boxes: 2


Number of boxes in the series: 2
Type of box: Microbox -- bring red ink pad or red markers please.
Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Terrain: Easy
Placed for: 1 month (1/24/2004 - 2/24/2004)

A Valentine Microbox Haiku
He was young and bold
She was from the big city
First sight sparks their love

Love starts on a lane
Underneath willow branches
Of four trees alone

Westward! he proclaimed
Is where we need to settle
I shall go and scout

He left her to wait
While searching both near and far
A young man in love

In the Land of Hearts
He built her a bridge to cross
The water below

There he built their home
Next to the small running brook
A park like setting

Three paths he built then
Starting from the bridge's end
She would know which one

He sent word to her
Our new home is now ready
She never arrived

Forever! he wrote
On a tree near their new home
I'll be here my love

He waits for her there
In a tree at three forty
Heartbroken for her

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