Two Forests Letterbox
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Two Forests

Placed by: Merlin and Ardea
Placement Date: Jan 12 2004
State: WI
County: Ozaukee
Nearest City: ???
Number of boxes: 1

Two Forests Letterbox
Difficulty: Easy

Before you begin, you will need to know the way parcels of land are legally described and have a detailed map of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. If you have colored brush markers, you may want to bring the dark green, light green, and brown markers with you.
Start your search by locating the school in T9N, R21E, S27, SWNE. (Hint: If
this doesn't make any sense to you, check out:
Under Mapping Systems, choose Public Land Survey.) You will know you have found
the right school when the name of the road in front of it is a combination of words from baseball and geology.
Park in the south end of the parking lot. Just to the south, beyond the parking lot, a road leads to the west, then curves to the southwest, and ends at a brick building. When you reach the building, walk along the south wall towards the woods. The entrance to "The Forest" will be directly in front of you.
This forest is really two forests. The old forest, which could be remnant of the original forest land, and a planted forest of spruce and pine around the edges. Take the path to the right of the entrance sign and follow follow it for 2 to 3 minutes. Notice the old fence to your right. Stop when you come to a fork in the trail. You can check that you are at the right spot by noticing that the old fence has reached a corner and has turned west and there is a 4"x4" post set in the ground. Take the trail to the left for 72 steps where there is a second 4"x4" post.
From the post set your compass to 146 degrees and take 36 steps. Reach into the hole in the downed tree to find the Letterbox. Stamp up and return the box to its hiding place. You can return to your car the way you came or continue on the path in the same direction. The path continues around the perimeter of the forest and is a pleasant but not a long walk.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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