East River Trail Letterbox Series (8)
All of these boxes are missing as of November, 2003.
I hope to replace them someday.
*I'll be very happy to give any of these boxes back to their original owners upon request.  I have only adopted these boxes for upkeep and historical means and do not count them among my planted boxes.
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East River Trail Letterbox Series
Green Bay, WI - Brown County

The "letter" of each box tells you where on your page to place the stamp for the larger picture.  There have been quite a few gone missing (The dangers of suburban letterboxing). Here are all the clues anyway, with notation for the missing ones.

A. On the corner of E. River Dr. and St. Joseph St. there is a street lamp.  With your back to the post, walk forward to the trees.  (Lonewolf tried to find this one and states it is gone.)

F. From Box A follow E. River Dr. to Allouez Ave. Turn left onto Allouez Ave.  To your right, before the bridge, is a small parking lot.  Park there for the remainder of the boxes.  (You *can* park in other places if you want, but then you miss the point of walking the trail.) Walk to the first bench on the path.  Right behind the bench is the box.  (Or not, as it too is reported missing.)

B. Follow the path further.  You will cross a few more wooden plank paths.  When you are on the last planks before the pedestrian bridge you will see some trees on your left.  Just before these planks end the letterbox is under your feet.
G. (This one is definitely missing, and needs a better hiding spot anyway.)

E. Keep walking through Green Isle Park southward. Once under the first of two highway overpasses look for a group of rocks where the top rock is slightly up.  There protected is the box.  Continue under the highway for the next letterbox.  (This one possibly missing too.)

D. When the lone pine tree is on your right just after the wooded area, walk toward the food and lodging sign near the highway.  Just before the sign, in a big brush pile, is the box.

C. When coming to a wooded section of the path, you will find two trees that form a U.  There underneath it facing the water is the box.  (Lonewolf says this one is missing too.)

H. Coming up on the next overpass at Hoffman Rd, on the right side is a huge boulder with a surprise for you.  Move the smaller stones to find the prize.

Place the stamps for this series in the following order to form a larger picture:

  A  B
  C  D
  E  F
  G  H

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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