Castle Rock Letterbox

*I'll be very happy to give any of these boxes back to their original owners upon request.  I have only adopted these boxes for upkeep and historical means and do not count them among my planted boxes.
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This box was placed by Matt the Rat as part of the series of boxes he placed along I-90 in WI.  It was pulled shortly after I found it on 3/22/03.  The reason why it was pulled is actually a pretty funny story. . .

My friend from Sparta and I took three of his little boys out for a day of letterboxing on 3/22/03 - a cool spring day.  First on our agenda was the Castle Rock box, located in the wayside off I-90/94 at the Camp Douglas exit.  When we got to the wayside, we found it was closed.  Thinking it was only closed for the winter season, we found a place nearby to park and walked into the wayside from the back.

After finding the letterbox and stamping in, the kids were enjoying playing on the rocks for a bit while I took pictures of the experience.  As we turned to go replace the box and leave, we were suddenly surrounded by MPs with guns from the Camp Douglas fort nearby!  They came out of nowhere and we were caught promptly!

After some discussion and checking of driver's licenses (which my friend didn't have which caused some suspicion itself), the MPs informed us that the wayside was now closed due to its proximity to the military base.  They didn't want any 9/11s happening there, so the wayside would only be open during the summer and then only under certain circumstances.  As our stories "checked out" and a background check found no problems with us, they held us for a while for the local sheriff to come.  Lucky for us, the sheriff had better things to do, and we were let go!  We thanked the men for their service to our nation and congratulated them on their stealthy maneuvers and promptly left.

When I reported our experience to Matt, he pulled the box as soon as he could!  Since the wayside will be open in the summertime, Matt might replace the box to make it available then.  Stay tuned!

Camp Douglas Letterbox

Nearest Town: Camp Douglas, WI, Juneau County

Stand at the base of the castle between two towers, like enormous stumps of stone.  To your left is a pine, to your right, an oak.  At the base of the oak look for a small hollow to find the box.

Placed Dec 22, 2002 by
Matt the Rat, Chicago


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