3M Letterbox
This box is missing and may stay retired.
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Originally placed by Moofie & Blaze, this box went missing in the spring of 2005 just after the logbook was completely filled and before they could retrieve it.  One report has it buried under a load of coal for the S.S. Badger.  Return to this site later for more info.

New letterbox: 3M
Manitowoc, Manitowoc County, WI
Placed by: Moofie & Blaze
Box webpage located at:


Your voyage begins at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, at the corner of Maritime
Drive and 7th St. in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. On the west side of the building
find the plaque near the top of the stairs. As you read take note of the number
of subs that were built here and the name of the man who was in charge of the
Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company at this time.

Descend 16 steps and head towards the bow of the Cobia. Upon reaching the bow
take a look near the waterline and note the number of large holes on the port
side. Now set your heading in the direction of the shipbuilding
president’s name. Follow the sidewalk until you stand upon the large
compass. Continue along the sidewalk but don’t cross any streets. You may
have to wait if a large boat comes to pass. Continue across the waters and head
toward the three flagpoles. Take a minute to read the plaque that is here.

It is now time to change direction and head toward open water. About halfway
your path will be interrupted. Now you will have to go through the gravel lot
but will be able to rejoin the paved waterside walkway on the other side. You
will still be heading towards the lighthouse and open water. At this time you
can look back at the Cobia and verify the number of holes at the waterline. It
is the larger holes and only count the ones that are fore of the anchor.

Walk to the lamppost that is equal to the same number of the flagpoles. Face
south. Take a heading of 110 degrees. By taking the number of subs produced here
and dividing it in half you will get the number of steps you need to take. Upon
doing this you should be at the evergreen tree that is the same number in line
as the Cobia’s holes at the waterline. Search this tree, and at about
waist high along the trunk, you will find the microbox.

Stamp up and replace the box. Please place the log in the tube that faces down
to help prevent water entry. Enjoy the rest your stay in Wisconsin’s
Maritime City.

Please contact us with any info or comments.
Moofie and Blaze

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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