Mo' Mustangs! Letterbox

Terrain: Flat nature Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: Jun 18 2005
By: The Dragon
Location: Washtenaw County, MI
Nearest town: Dexter, MI

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These box/boxes were created for the Great Lakes Gathering 2005 "Mo' Boxin' in Motown" at Hudson Mills Metropark. Thanks to Team Rabbit for placing the boxes and writing the clues.

Note: Although there are seven boxes to find, they are all within 50 feet of the central bench, and you are just assembling one whole stamp. In my opinion, this would constitute one find, not seven finds.  You may interpret it differently if you wish.
If you take the Nature Trail and watch closely, you will find a bench all by itself at the end of a small off-shoot off the main trail. Although it is worth walking the entire Nature Trail, if you go backwards (clockwise) you will find the bench sooner. Start at the bench, which is there for your convenience.

Welcome to the arboreal assembly line! Do you enjoy "living on the edge"? Perhaps you find that "life comes in many layers". Those sentiments and many in between are echoed by the loyal employees here as they proudly craft the finest automobiles in Motown. Would you care for a factory tour? Have a seat!

If you look to the left, you’ll see where it all begins: 1). The chassis comes down that conveyor belt and rests in the base of the broken tree. 2). Then travels the length of the belt at the tree’s base, out the very tip of the log. 3). If you continue to your left down the path a little, you’ll see the stamping tree. This five-trunked structure presses parts in its foundation. 4). Across the path, you’ll see a curly-barked tree. He inspects parts for flaws. Inspect him for parts. 5). Many of the trees in our factory take great pride in their work. Look at this fellow to the left! He stands straight and proud, knowing that everyday he does a job well done. He’d love to show off his work. 6). Follow another conveyer belt left to its end.  It points to our balancer, which naturally levels parts.  Look at the end facing you.  Now the process is almost complete! 7). Our final stop takes us almost back to the beginning. Notice that spindly little guy with many conveyors at his base. Our wooden workers take all shapes and sizes. He may not be the biggest tree on our line, but he sure has a good head on his shoulders (and a vital part at his feet).

Thank you for visiting! Please use all seven parts you have found to create a souvenir of your time here. Then return all parts for the enjoyment of the next tour group.

Please use extra care in returning all seven boxes to their resting places as one missing part can ruin the experience for the next visitor.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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