The Area 51 Letterbox

Terrain: Hillside, a little overgrown in summer
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: June 11, 2011
By: The Dragon and Leapin' Lizards
Location: Oakland County, MI
Nearest town: Wixom, MI

Dragon's Home Page

After arriving at their campsite at Proud Lake late at night, The Dragon and the Leapin' Lizards fell into a deep unnatural(?) sleep.  The Dragon awoke to the realization that they were camping in area 51.  After discovering various strange marks and injuries on their bodies (very reminiscent of bug bites and thorn scratches, and then there was that blister on Dragon's nose...), they asked other campers if they noticed anything the night before.  They were amazed by the ramblings of a nearby camper who actually produced a picture of what they saw.  You can capture the image yourself by following the clues below.


Go at 80 degrees from Area 51.  Cross the road and pass 2 large on right, 1 large on right, and 1 large on left (at the grass line).  Take the faint trail (next to the large on the left) down.  After 25 steps, duck under the fallen limb.  A few more steps down to a Y, and head left under the brush to a T.  Head left along the trail for 30 more steps, and on your left will be a pile of large logs up the hill a bit.  Look under leaves and sticks in the middle top of the logs where they meet.

Re-hide and re-seal well. Thanks!

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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