Sir Robin's Minstrels

Created by: The Dragon
Placed by: Gooble Gobble
Location:  Grand Rapids, Itasca Cty, MN
This box is part of the Great Lakes LB Groupís 2005 Exchange Ė
Monty Pythonís The Holy Grail.

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Sir Robin's Minstrels heard of a far far away land where the forests are impenetrable, the mosquitoes are the size of small coconuts, and the drive is maddeningly long to get to. They thought it would be a lovely retreat for their weary feet. So off they went, north from the Twin Cities on I-35 for what seemed like days, and days, and a couple minutes. They stopped halfway there for a tasty repast of spam, spam, bacon and spam.

Back on the road they journeyed up a vast expanse of concrete and asphalt then reached a city that sounded like that silly little game called croquet they used to play when they were wee lads. At this juncture they headed down a highway whose double digits are both the same and fall somewhere between 1 and 99. They exited and traveled in a somewhat westerly, north-westerly direction.

A ways down the road they came across a highway named after the thing you do in the bushes that's not number 1. Following this road to the west led them to rapids that were quite immense, you could even say they were Grand, even though they never really saw them once they arrived. Upon arrival in these rapids of immensity it was time to use the bushes again. Not wanting to use the same type of bush this time because the last bush gave them a rash, Sir Robin's Minstrels went left at the tri colored lights to avoid the previous type of bush.

When the Minstrels saw a road named after a handgun and an old band fronted by Donnie Van Zant they knew they were getting close to being able to rest. Not wanting to stop now, they headed north again into the vast and unknown expanse of the ________ Nat'l ______.

They traveled slowly and carefully through this beautiful and magical realm. They saw creatures they never saw back home. There was one creature that looked like a large black ball of fur with a tan snout, razor sharp claws, and fangs that promised death to all those who would dare trifle with it. There was a creature of great stature whose headpiece stretched out for 5 feet on either side of his head. There was all manner of bird and insect, especially the mosquitoes of unusual size. There were plain old deer, no excitement there. The deer did have a rather queer game of jumping out from behind trees to frighten them though, so they slowed down to enjoy the scenery.

Finally! they shouted in unison, we have arrived! They did not know the name of the place they were but it did have a marking of some sort, a numerical code that said E__ O_ T__ W_________ site 27.7 so they took a left and parked by the large sandbox.

Climbing out of their trusty metal steeds they stretched their legs after a beautiful but grueling trek. Wanting to know where they were, they spotted a kiosk that gave them information about the place they were and how it came to be.

After reading this they were so very weary and needed a place to rest. Spying a nice paved trail they headed towards the woods. Being an indecisive bunch they discussed long and hard which way to go when the path forked. After much debate they chose to go to the left which was an obvious choice to begin with since the path went straight ahead of them anyways. They entered the woods and wandered this way and that and were surprised to see their good old friend Walter Lyytiner whom they hadn't seen since they were very young.

"Hmm, fancy seeing Walter here in the middle of nowhere," they said to one another. After they said their goodbyes to Walter they shortly found themselves between two signs telling them about the use of motorized vehicles and how it was prohibited. Standing directly in the middle of these two signs they walked 100 + 10 + 1 paces down the path and then they froze.  Looking to their right they saw a Larch (or in America you could call it a birch tree) that was snapped in half at about 12 feet high and leaning at a 45 degree angle pointing them towards a nice place to rest after their long, long, long journey.  (If said tree is no longer in place when you arrive, just stick to the 111 paces.

Facing this Larch standing in the middle of the path they took 30 paces into the forest and found a perfect spot to retire. A tree unlike most of those surrounding it beckoned them. They wrapped themselves in a blanket of bark and covered themselves with forest debris and a few 2x4's for structural stability. They are resting there right now, in the beauty of the north woods of Minnesota, a mere stones throw from Gooble Gobble's family cabin on N____ S___ L___. They await your arrival.


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