Created by: The Wormy Wanderers
Placed by: Speedsquare
Location:  St. Meinrad, Spencer Cty, IN
This box is part of the Great Lakes LB Groupís 2005 Exchange Ė
Monty Pythonís The Holy Grail.

Before beginning your quest for this box and the Grail please visit the Holy Grail main page (high speed) (dial-up) and read about the specifics of the series and about its special


Located in the Holy Lands of Southern Indiana
where one might encounter
a most hospitable monk,
Brother Maynard,
following The Rule: Ora et Labora.

Ye must follow The Way;
Seek the Spotless One.
Your Quest is short.
At Double-I Mark your paces;
At 2 uncover the next clue
within the ivy-covered shrubbery.

Important Notes:

The private facility these boxes are in do not know of the box so be very discrete.  Seekers will want to dismount in the parking lot designated for visitors. Bring your lances. Please be incredibly discreet and do not ask for assistance after you arrive. Do your homework and bring a map. If you want clarification before your quest, email Speedsquare. Please be on your very best (i.e. reverent) behavior - including children There is much to see and contemplate in this place and if you plan, you can take a lovely tour, provided your armor has not been sullied. This is not a public park. No dogs.


Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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