King Arthur & Patsy

Created by: Laughing Coyote
Placed by: Kimono Girl
Location: Findlay, Shelby Cty., IL
This box is part of the Great Lakes LB Group’s 2005 Exchange –
Monty Python’s The Holy Grail.

Before beginning your quest for this box and the Grail please visit the Holy Grail main page (high speed) (dial-up) and read about the specifics of the series and about its special


Beware brave knights and noble ladies of the many dangers you are about to face. Particularly the small, flat, 8-legged kind with tiny pointed “teeth” who lurk in the forest to ambush their unwitting victims!

Following coach road 32 along the swallow’s autumnal migration path from the village of Sullivan, we crossed a (not-so) rickety bridge over loch Shelbyville. Just south of the loch, at ye olde crossroads, we veered towards the setting sun to avoid “St. Bruce” and ventured onward towards the hamlet of Findlay. After 3.7 miles, we again turned south towards the creek of the lupines. Following the coach road past a château to the left, we marveled for a moment at the goat house…er, I mean “gate house”…spire and continued on past the wee folk’s landing. Following to the end of the coach road, we hoped that perhaps an overlook of the land might make the path to the grail more clear to us. Taking the marked trail at the end of the road, we knelt to pray for guidance at the pew. Divine guidance sent us left along the path less traveled. Along this path, we saw a mass of vines choking the trees to our left. Standing next to a spiny tree we looked across the path to a smooth tree with a smooth log at its base. Reaching up into this log, we found not the grail but a letterbox!

Should your quest lead you to this place I have just described, beware of the many nasty foes that await you with sharp and pointy weapons (black locus trees, brambles, ticks, mosquitoes, poison ivy, etc) and keep an eye out for the king’s deer for you shall surely see them. The 8-legged foe that inhabit this forest are particularly vicious and WILL attack you if you have neglected to bring a repellent with you.

Remember, wherever Arthur is, Patsy must be nearby!


Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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