Grail Beacon

Created by: Choi
Placed by: Team Taco
Location: Batavia, IL
This box is part of the Great Lakes LB Groupís 2005 Exchange Ė
Monty Pythonís The Holy Grail.

Before beginning your quest for this box and the Grail please visit the Holy Grail main page (high speed) (dial-up) and read about the specifics of the series and about its special


*Recommended seeking time: Early spring/fall or winter, as the hiding place appears likely to experience overgrowth.*

Dick Young Forest Preserve is located on Nelson Lake Road,in the western part of Batavia. Park in the lot nearest the road and take the trail that puts the "beacon tower" at your back. Follow this trail around the prairie. You will turn one corner.

Do not turn the next corner. Instead, continue westward. Follow this long trail downhill, continuing for quite a way past a corn field on the left. Look out for the lone beech tree also on the left, its white bark shining like a beacon and confirming your direction.

Continue past the beech. You will eventually come to 2 platforms built into a couple of trees on the right side of the trail. The second platform is so dilapidated that the Grail Beacon has fallen through and has landed at the base of the tree.

Walk past that second platform about 9 steps to the small deer path which will take you down into the brush for easier access to the Grail Beacon's hiding place.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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