Castle Aaaaagh

Created by: Papeseed
Placed by: Armadillo Jo
Location: East Central Lake County, Indiana
This box is part of the Great Lakes LB Groupís 2005 Exchange Ė
Monty Pythonís The Holy Grail.

Before beginning your quest for this box and the Grail please visit the Holy Grail main page (high speed) (dial-up) and read about the specifics of the series and about its special


Beyond the hustle and bustle of Merrillville, along a stretch of old US 30 (Joliet Rd) lies a "Deep River". From the Southeast corner of the parking lot, you can decide to take the high road or the low road. Up, up and away is the way to go! Check out the old brick mill, could it be Castle Aaaaagh??? Perhaps....but follow the ramp down to the front of the mill. Continue walking on the pavers towards the gazebo. Right before the gazebo, you are faced with several choices. Head along the water's way to the bridge on your right. Cross the bridge to Grinder Field. Cross the field and have a look at the sawmill. From the sawmill, look to the west to yet another bridge. Cross it and follow the wide trail that follows the river to your right. There are initially benches everywhere! Pass the observation platform and continue on the trail. Eventually you'll come to a bench on the right. Take a break, then walk 40 paces (two steps=1 pace). On your right you'll see a deadfall along the river, that you can stand on and take a view. Castle Aaaagh is in the south end.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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