Sherwood Point Lighthouse Letterbox #2

Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: May 8, 2005
By: :The Dragon
Location:  Door County, WI
Nearest town: Sturgeon Bay, WI

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The picture above is of Sherwood Point and Cabot Point at the west entrance to the Sturgeon Bay shipping canal.  The Sherwood Point Lighthouse would be located about one inch in from the left side of the picture, but trees are blocking it from view.


Go to the observation tower in Potawatomi State Park.  Climb to the top for a great view - as pictured above.  Climb back down and find the year the tower was built: 19 __ __ (A) and the height the tower rises above the water: ________ (B).

Find the large rock nearby that talks about the Ice Age Trail and read it (getting deja vu?) .  Turn around and go to the trail sign.  Head down this trail to the next sign.  There, sight on the reverse azimuth of B.  On that bearing, (A) paces away, there is a rock ledge butting out with a large fallen birch on top.  Go look under the ledge.  Be sure to re-hide so the box can't be seen!  Thanks!

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