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Terrain: Easy (Cemetery)

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
(You must know your Buffy and Dracula lore.)

: Approx. 1/2 hour

Placed:  June 30, 2003

By: The Dragon

 Nearest town:  Milwaukee, WI

Materials Needed: Regular supplies (and stakes, holy water, etc.)
Start your quest by finding the shopping mall in Northeast Milwaukee County that has the same initials as Buffy Summers.  One of its anchor stores also has the same initials, but park on the very north end of the mall by the other anchor store.  To the north of the mall lies a small, old cemetery.  Go "patrolling" in  the cemetery if you dare . . .

Start at the plumber's grave.  It is easy to spot because the object they might use to ward off a vampire is made out of pipes and is used to mark their grave.  (Hint, it is one of the few, and the most noticeable of these Christian  symbols in this predominantly Jewish cemetery and it is on the west side.)
  From there, turn 166 degrees and walk 26 paces to the grave bearing the name of the young woman (in its longer form) with three suitors in Dracula.  Then turn to 120 degrees and walk 28 paces to place yourself in the middle of three Christians.  If you suspect there are vampires around, you might stay here until it is safe to move . . .

Fifty paces due east will place you before three "children of the night".  (Unless you can move like the demons in "Hush", you'll have to circumvent the trees.)  I would advise moving on before you hear any beautiful music they may make at night.   Add the digits of their birth and death years to obtain your new heading.  Walk on that heading until you see a seven foot tall stone tree stump directly to your left.  Turn and walk directly to it (about 67 paces).

Six paces away from this odd stump (in some direction), the evil creation of the Initiative is buried.  Find his gravestone.  You might have thought the odd stump was pretty unique, but there is another 63 paces due west of this gravestone.  Find the stump of this German familie.

From this stump, sight 304 degrees.   There is a bushy tree about 100 feet in the distance that chokes a large old  obelisk in its gnarly branches.  Just east of the obelisk lies a woman that bears the name of Jonathan Harker's love.  Stand before her grave.  What an uncommon name!  Yet take 7 paces at 337 degrees to find yet another woman with this same name in its full form!  Stand 6 feet before her grave.  To your right is a large tree with a bush* at its base.  That is Buffy's old gravesite, which was desecrated by the undead.  From here, go 55 paces at 60 degrees to find her new grave site.  Look inside the base of the tree and remove the stones and loose bark to find where Buffy lies!  Be sure to be discreet and  to re-hide Buffy well so it looks natural!

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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