The Pyramids at College Park

Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: April 29, 2005
Placed By: The Dragon
Carved By: Artdog
Milwaukee County, WI
Nearest town:
Milwaukee, WI

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This letterbox is part of the Great Lakes Letterbox Exchange of 2005 - Hometown Landmarks.  This box was created by Artdog of Indiana and sent to me to hide in Milwaukee.

Estabrook Park.
Picnic Area 5 Parking Lot
Count down steps to "Attention Anglers".
Last number of zip code.
Last number of telephone.
Enjoy view of waterfall.
Add one more big step.
Continue stone wall on left.
Three RR ties on right.
Don't fall in!
Navigate small stream and culvert.
Enjoy wildlife on island to left.
Pass stair and culvert.
Under bare trunk.
Pass another stair.
Stones on left.
Death valley for tables and benches.
Investigate very interesting trees.
Cross parking lot.
Asphalt to stony walkway/drive.
Dam! Boat stoppers!
Path along H2O.
Evil looking tree with scary arms.
Five RR ties.
Place to stamp-up on right?
Foot bridge.
Multiply steps down times zip code number.
Count paces.
Fallen big branch with knee sticking up.
Telephone number paces up bank.
Look in knee - removing loose pieces.
Re-hide with loose pieces so it can't be seen!

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