Peabody Park Letterboxes
These boxes are missing and may stay retired.
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Originally placed by Girl Scout Troop 322.


Letterbox #2 has been damaged and Letterbox #1 has been reported missing has been damaged as of Nov. 2003. I am in the process of replacing them and adding more! Update coming in I will post when both boxes are back in place again. Please keep me informed of any further damage to boxes. Have fun!
Start at the entrance to Peabody Park in Appleton. This will be the entrance down by the river.
Letterbox #1
Start walking west down the concrete path. After you go under the bridge you will see a vertical wood beam on the right hand side of the path. Turn left and walk 29 paces to a tree.
Look for a pair of trees that make arches. Turn in the direction of the arches and follow your feet to a grandpa (old) tree.
Turn west and walk up the hill. Look for a graveyard of stone. Find a backwards "L" laying on the ground. Look for the center of the "L" rock and have a ball!!

Letterbox #2
Go back to the concrete path and follow it until it splits into a circle. Follow the path to the north (right). Look for a tree with a hole in the bottom, past the manhole cover.
Turn west. Walk 60 paces. You will see a tree that looks like a "V". Turn south and walk 40 paces.
You should be on a trail. Follow this trail till you see a wooden fence. Follow along the fence to the right 33 paces. You will see a fallen tree going over a small stream. Where the fallen tree touches the bank look for a rock jutting out of the embankment. CAREFULLY have a seat and take a rest. Take a deep breath in, exhale and look between your legs. There you go!
Please replace both boxes in their original spots with the sticks and leaves in front of them to keep them hidden. Thank you. Girl Scout Troop 322 had fun making and hiding these boxes. We hope you have fun finding them.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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