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*I'll be very happy to give any of these boxes back to their original owners upon request.  I have only adopted these boxes for upkeep and historical means and do not count them among my planted boxes.
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Letterboxing.org received the following email shortly after I originally found the boxes.  Please be careful about where and how you walk to get the boxes.  Also, please do not plan to place any more boxes in the park.  Thanks!

From:  "Cindy Mueller" <greeneye@vbe.com>
Date:  Sat Dec 28, 2002  1:48 pm
Subject:  From a Letterbox Site

Dear Letterboxing,
It would be highly appreciated that whomever is placing items at High Cliff State Park, near Sherwood, Wisconsin, please notify the park management staff of your placement activities in the future. There is unease that certain placements are 1. Not safe areas for people to be traveling in, and # 2. There are plants of concern in some of these areas.  If you have any questions, please contact the park office at (920) 989-1106 during business hours or mail to the park naturalist at
  Thank You

High Cliff Series
Planted in High Cliff State Park
Sunday, July 21, 2002  (LbNA post #13802)

High Cliff is located in Calumet County, Wisconsin. Nearest town-Sherwood.  High Cliff State Park is approx. 30 miles southwest of Green Bay or 12 miles east of Appleton

Hiking-moderate, some climbing.
Do not attempt this series when the ground is wet, especially with kids.  The slopes are steep and the rocks are sharp and will be slippery if wet.

Planted by Esperanza.  Adopted by The Dragon.

A series of three boxes have been hidden on a trail loop of approx 3 miles.  The park is located on the shores of Lake Winnebago with great views from the top of the cliff and the overlook tower in the park.  The hike is family-orientated and would take a leisurely 2 - 3 hours, depending on stops and exploring time. There is a marina in the park, a beach for swimming and a campground. There is a daily user fee, or a yearly sticker may be purchased.  Picking up a park/trail map at the entrance to the park is recommended.
The hike begins on the Lime-Kiln trail which starts in the paved parking lot by the lime kiln ruins.  The trail will pass several old kiln structures.  The path will fork to the left, but stay to the right and follow along the lake.  You'll reach a second place where the trail forks and this time there is a sign.  Again stay to the right and follow the lake on the Long Loop portion of the trail.  The trail passes over small streams that are heading to the lake and some very large cottonwood trees.  The trail will take a left turn at a bench and begin to ascend up the cliff.  Take a rest and enjoy the view and then begin the climb!  As you ascend, on your right are several large boulders and a huge tree.  As you ascend past its roots count the steps...5 steps and then roots...8 steps and then 4 more.  Take 8 paces and then look to your right to find a "family" trunked tree (2 large trunks + 2 babies)  Go up the little hill to the back of this tree.  With your back to the largest trunk, take a bearing of 157 degrees on your compass and find the rock across the woods that looks like Mount Everest.  It sticks out of the ground about 3' in an inverted V shape.  (From the tree it's approx. 12 paces to the log, step over the log and then about 25 paces from the log to the rock)  On the south side of the rock is a tree whose roots hug the rocks...find the box!  As you head back you'll notice a natural path heading to the south, a trail for the creature on the stamp you've just found.  Back on the main trail, continue to ascend up the cliff.  Once at the top you are near the campground and you are now on the Red Bird Trail.
Box #2 - Head northeast on the Red Bird trail.  It will pass the Indian Mound trail which is interesting.  This trail follows the ridge of the cliffs, parents be sure to watch children closely!  The trail will pass over a rocky surface as you pass a parking lot.  After the lot, the trail passes near a park road and enters a more wooded area.  Soon the trail will ascend to cross the road, but before it does, stop at the spot where the stream passes under the trail and follow the stream down to where it opens out into a small "canyon". Cross the stream and take a seat on the rock sticking out of the wall near the edge, with your feet on the 3rd "step" of rock.  A small waterfall is at your feet.  Put your right hand on your thigh and then notice the set of smaller rocks by your right hand in a small cave.  They can move.  After finding the box please replace all the rocks hiding the box well!
Box #3 - Continue back on the main trail, which will cross the park road and continue to follow the edge of the cliff up to another part of the park and the statue to Chief Red Bird on your left.  The trail will come out to a parking lot, pavilion and a lookout tower.  After exploring this part of the park, the trail continues at the edge of the parking lot, and it descends now down the cliff.  Half of the trail is blacktopped and was an old road, the other side is gravel.  Follow this down until you reach the bench on the left hand side.  Take the path behind the bench up into the woods and up the side of the cliff.  On the way up you'll pass two large boulders on your left, and then you'll cross over a series of small boulders, and over a fallen tree.  After the fallen tree there are two trees side-by-side on the trail.  Stand between them and take a compass bearing of 167 degrees, the bearing is pointing right to the box in the rocky "cave".  Be sure to re-cover the box with the stones so it cannot be seen.  Continue back to the main trail and descend to the road.  Cross over and walk back to the Lilm-Kiln trail parking lot.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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