PI Day Series

Placed by: The Dragon
Number of Boxes: 6
Original Placement Date:
March 14, 2004 (3.14!)
Note: This series will only be available each year during March
2010: Available 3/14/10 to 4/18/10
City: West Bend
County: Washington
State: Wisconsin
Urban and Parks
Time: An hour or two

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This is a series of letterboxes hidden in honor of PI Day (3.14)!  Each of the boxes in this series is an Altoids microbox, containing a slice of PI.  All six PIs fit together into a PI chart which has a diameter of 5 1/4 inches (see diagram below).  The last box in the series is a larger Altoids tin, and it holds the logbook for the series.  All of the boxes should be quick and easy finds, and are all fairly close together in West Bend.  Be sure to bring all of your colored inking pens, for this is a very colorful series!

Please note the order of the stamps!  The three on the left must go on the left and the three on the right must go on the right, otherwise you'll have some upside down!

Box #1: Shepherds PI

Colors needed: Black, brown, light blue, and grey.

Start by traveling to West Bend, WI on Hwy 45 and get off on the Hwy 33 exit (Washington St.).  Head west on Hwy 33 about a quarter mile to Wildwood Rd.  Turn north onto Wildwood Rd. (Cty. B) and follow it as it snakes its way north.  First it will snake to the left, then it will snake to the right.  Just after the snake to the right, you will find the new home of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, but the box is not hidden on their property (yet?).

Oh well!  Turn around in the church's parking lot and head back to the "right snake" and take the road that heads west there (Shuster Dr.).  About a block down the road is Jansen Family Park.  Pull into the parking lot and park.

This is where Shepherd of the Hills held their services until their church is built.  The key feature of the park is its race car track.  Head around to the backside of the track (take a peek at the track on your way).  There is a small duck pond behind the track with two evergreen trees next to it.  Go to the taller (northern) evergreen.  The lower branches have now been clipped, exposing the place where the box is hidden.  Hopefully it will remain unnoticed until mid-April.  The box is strapped in place with Velcro on one of the lower branches near the trunk.
Box #2: American PI

Colors needed: Black, red, and dark blue

Get back into your car and drive south on Wildwood Rd. again, back towards Hwy 33.  Just before you get to Hwy 33, take a left onto the road before Dairy Queen (I think it is Washington St.).  Take a right about a block down the road, then pull into the back drive of the AmericInn.  Park in the lot on this driveway, behind the Inn and the National Exchange, by the tan dumpster housing.

Go around to the back of the tan dumpster where there is a small fire pit.  At the bottom of the back of the dumpster are some broken bricks.  Remove the one at the SW corner of the dumpster, then remove the asphalt rock, and you will expose where the American Pi is hiding.
Box #3: Slice o' PI

Colors needed: Black and orange

Hey, look!  There's a Perkins just on the other side of the bank!  Time to grab a Slice o' PI!  Park your car by their dumpsters.  If you want, go in for a slice of PI.  Then as you head back to your car, look between the dumpsters.  There is a grassy square area behind them along HWY 33!  This might be a good place to enjoy your slice o' PI!  (It may also be where the employees take their break.)  Hmm, what's that there under leaves at the base of the evergreen bush closest to you?  Someone left a Slice o' PI there just for you!
Box #4: Pizza PI

Colors needed: Black, brown (crust), red (pepperoni), gray (mushrooms)

Get back into your car and head east on Hwy 33.  About a half mile past Hwy 45 you should spot a Pizza Hut on the north side of the road.  Park in the back of the Pizza Hut lot near the northeast corner.  Along the north side of the lot is the remains of a fallen tree.  The stump trunk shows signs that the tree bent and cracked as if fell.  Hidden under a thick stick and leaves in the base of this trunk you'll find some Pizza Pi.
Box # 5: Moon Pi

Colors needed: Black, green, dark blue

Head back west on Hwy 33 and go under Hwy 45 again.  Turn left where it tells you to go to get to UW-Washington County and Ridge Run Park (about a block past the underpass).  Hey!  There is a Mobil station.  Always liked their logo with the Pegasus in the moon!

Park where you can down the road from the Mobil station.  Walk to the forested area between the Mobil and the Lodge, and go down to the "river".  Find the large birdhouse that looks like a very old beer can - i.e. a cone top.  It also looks like the Tin Man's head!  From the south side of it, take a bearing of 314 (pi) degrees!  Go to the metal pole in the fence that is closest to you on that bearing.  Look for the Moon Pi in the hole with the pole under some leaves.  Be sure to re-cover with leaves when you are done!
Box #6: Cow PI

Colors needed: Black (what else? It's a Holstein!)

Get back in your car, and continue south on University Drive to Ridge Run Park.  Don't miss it!  It is before the left turn in the road by the University.  Park your car in the first parking lot of the park - on the side of the road by the playground.  Get out of your car and notice that you are just to the north of "Cow-PI" as the locals call it.  It is otherwise known as UW-Washington County.

Go to the south end of the parking lot where large rocks bound the road and the lot.  Go to the eighth rock.  Hmm, looks like someone took a slice of PI out of it. . .

Head down the road from this rock into the park.  Remember to always face traffic!  After 120 paces, you'll come to a path leading into the woods on your left.  Keep counting as you continue on this path.  Stop at half a PI - 157 paces!  Take a bearing of 314 degrees again.  Spot the very decayed tree stump about 25 paces into the woods on that bearing.  Look inside the "middle" of this knee-high tree stump for the last box.  I put a number of piece of bark in the hole in the stump to hold the box in place and mark the spot.  Please re-hide it as well well you are done.  Thanks!
Congratulations on completing the PI Day Series!

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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