Mathman 7 -
Luther's Love
David Kufahl, Steve Gurgel, Nick Balge, Byron Neal


Terrain: Grass, Gravel, Pavement, and Woods Trails

Difficulty: Depends on math ability

Placed by: The Dragon (Mathman) and his Honors Advanced Algebra students of 2003-04

Location: Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
11831 N. Seminary Dr. 65W Mequon, Wisconsin 53092
County: Ozaukee

Materials needed: Compass, Calculator, Writing Utensil, Walking Shoes, Inking Pens, Rubber stamp

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Students and parents of students should read my introduction to letterboxing before seeking the boxes.



Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, founded in 1863, is a four-year school teaching pastoral ministries to young men. The Seminary is surrounded by a beautiful campus, which features many lovely sites. Letterboxers are welcome to visit the campus to search for this box as long as they agree to the LBNA waiver of responsibility and disclaimer, the seminary's waiver, and do not disturb activities on the campus.  Searching for this box implies your agreement with these terms.  Enjoy your stay at the Seminary!


Before setting out, you may want to figure out the math at the end of these clues.  This will give you some of the numbers to fill in the clues (they correspond with some of the lettered blanks in the clues).  Some of the math you will need to do once you are searching for the box.

Step 1:

Park your car on Williamsburg St. near where it intersects with Freistadt Rd.  Walk a block west from that intersection to the Seminary.  The letterbox hunt begins at the north entrance to the Seminary where there is an arch marking the entrance. Hanging from the arch there is a sign which has a number (A)______.  Look to the right side of the drive past the entrance and you will see a speed limit sign: (B)_______mph. Use the two digits of B and the number A to create a three-digit number BA. Walk down the drive, across the bridge, and to an intersection between a walking path and the drive. Walk a bearing of  BA degrees until you reach a statue surrounded by benches (you may walk on the grass).

Step 2:

Underneath the statue there is a pentagonal shape with writing on each side. Find the year he died and the year he was born. Use this information to find the value of (C)______.  Take the path that goes at a bearing of C degrees to the statue, but walk away from the statue on it. From the intersection you quickly come to, find the average of the two years on the statue (born and died) and divide the average by D to get (E)______ (round to the nearest whole number). Take the road that is E degrees and follow it all the way to the stop sign.

Step 3:

Once you reach the stop sign, turn right and count the number of light posts until you reach the tennis court (F)______. (Make sure you count the post at the corner of the intersection). Stop! Now walk a heading of E divided by F (rounded to the nearest whole number) degrees until you reach an open area between a garage and the dorm building (again, you may cross grass). Follow the side of the building opposite the garage heading east then north until you reach an arch.

Step 4:

Once you reach the arch you will see an open area, walk at a bearing of (G times N)______ degrees until you reach the center light post. From there count the number of double door sets (H)______. Walk on a heading of (H)______ degrees for about 100 paces until you reach another light post. Multiply H times I to find (J)______ and walk J degrees until you are about 40 feet from an electrical pole. (You cannot see the pole from the light post because the trees block the view). There you will see a path that leads to the woods on your right.  Take this path.

Step 5:

Almost immediately after you start on the trail, you will reach an intersection. Take the (K)______ degree path and follow it down a hill. After about 15 paces there is a side path that leads right, which you take. Continue on the path for quite a while until you reach another intersection (your path ends at a "T"). Take the path that is on a bearing of (L) ______ degrees. Walk 10 paces to a skinny tree and a four-way intersection.  Keep straight at the intersection (do not go out of the woods). After 20 paces keep right and walk over a block that takes you over a small dried up creek (unless its been raining). Keep going at (M-L) _______ degrees and continue on this trail until it leads you out of the woods (no left of right turns at intersections).

Step 6:


Once you leave the woods head at a bearing of (N)______ degrees for about 60 paces until you reach your destination.  Enjoy a rest in this nice area on the bench.  Then walk on a bearing of 355 degrees from the bench to the tree line.  There, just inside the tree line is a three-trunked tree.  Look for the box where the three trunks meet.  When you return the box, please be sure it fits snuggly and is covered naturally-looking with leaves and sticks.  Thanks!

Math Problems:


To get C:


Take the digits of the year he was born (statue) and enter them into the matrix to the right (go across first row then second row).  Then evaluate the matrix problem.  Take the absolute value of the numbers in the resulting matrix to create a 3 digit number and a decimal (###.#) which will be the value of (C)_______

 To get D:

The power, in megawatts, produced between midnight and noon by a power plant is given by P = h2 - 12h + 210, where h is the hour of the day. What is the higher hour that the power production is 190 megawatts? (D)______


To get G:

Solve for the variable (G)______

To get I:

Solve the equation for x by using the natural logarithm function.  Round to the nearest hundredth.

362X = 20

Now replace what you found for x in this equation and find (I).  Round to the nearest whole number.

117x = I     (I) = ______


To get K:


Solve for the variable k:              (K) = _______


To get L:


Solve for the variable L:         (L) = ______


To get M:


Solve for x, y, and z to make a three digit number.


x + y + z = 4

3x + y z = 6

-2x -5y + 9z = -17


M = __  __  __

         x    y z


To get N:


t1 = 10

tn = tn-1 + 29 Find the 6th term.
N = t6 = ____

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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