Mathman 1 -
Algebra 1 & 2 Review
Virtual Letterbox


Terrain: Virtual

Difficulty: Depends on math ability

Placed by: The Dragon (Mathman) on May 29, 2007

Location: On-line

Materials needed: Calculator.

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This virtual is adapted from the Mathman 1 box which was the first in a series of letterboxes with mathematical clues.  The boxes are intended for both regular letterboxers and my students.  This box was developed for my Honors Algebra class to satisfy their request for an extra credit opportunity.  It also serves as a review for their second semester exam and for an activity to do together as a family. It also serves as a review of first semester Algebra 2 topics.

Students and parents of students should read my introduction to letterboxing before seeking the non-virtual boxes.




First, complete the following algebra problems.  Write down what each letter equals for later.

1) Solve the system:
2A + B = 45
3A - B = 5
2) Let C equal the number of roots the following equation has:
y = x2 + 6x - 135
(i.e. How many x-intercepts does y = x2 + 6x - 135 have?  
3) Let D and E be the respective boundary points of the following compound inequality:  

3D + 2 < 17 or 5E + 1 > 31
4) Let F, G and H be their corresponding solutions to the following system:

 3F - 2G + H = 11
 -F + 2G - H = -5
 F - 5G + 3H = 9



To get to the next set of clues, you need to go to:<code>.htm


To get the correct number to replace <code> with, you need to take your answers for A-H above and write all the numbers right next to each other.  For example, if the answers were 12, 34, 53, and 7, the code would be 1234537 and the link would be:


Good luck!!!

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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