Mathman 17 -
Wisconsin Sports History
Virtual Letterbox

Justin Liepert, Josh Boeldt, Andrew Loescher, Ethan Matter

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Students and parents of students should read my introduction to letterboxing before seeking the boxes, although most if it does not apply to a virtual letterbox.

This is a virtual letterbox, which means that the entire search for the "box" is done online on the computer.  To "find" this box, you must solve a series of seven mathematical clues.  As you go from clue page to clue page, you will need to research Wisconsin sports history and use the information in a mathematical expression or equation.  The resulting answer is used in the URL to get you to the next clue page.  Once you have successfully completed all of the clues, you will arrive at the last page which will tell you how to claim your "box" stamp.  Good luck!

Clue #1:


x = The last two digits of the first year of the Milwaukee Brewers.

y = The number of wins the Milwaukee Brewers had in their first year.

Find the combination of x things taken y at a time:


Insert the answer into the link below where indicated to get to the next clue (exclude the parentheses):
Answer(replace with your answer here).htm

Before you set out read the
waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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