Note to my students:  If you are new to letterboxing, please read about letterboxing and letterboxing etiquette before setting out.  In particular,

-Leave no trace!
-Respect God's nature, the letterbox, and its contents
-Maintain proper Christian behavior at all times
-Re-hide the box well in its hiding spot covered with twigs and leaves so it is not easily seen
-Do not bring attention to yourself or the location of the box to others in the area (be sneaky)
-Have FUN!!  Think of it as a mystery to solve or a treasure hunt - not work!

You will need a rubber stamp of your own or you can use your thumb print. 

You will need to bring a stamp pad, or you can use a non-permanent marker to ink the stamps.  Some of the stamps use a number of colors, so inking pens are needed.

You will also need a magnetic compass (not a math compass that draws circles).  You can go here for information on using a compass.

If you do not have any of these items you can borrow them from Mr. Kuehl.

Take a damp cloth or wipes to clean the stamp when you are done.

Print out the clues and turn them in with all work and solutions and box stamps to get credit.

If it is a "camouflaged box" that means that it has camouflage duct tape on it to hide it better, so look carefully!

Be sure to read through all the clues before looking for the box so you know what is expected of you.

This is intended to be a FUN activity for my students and their families (if the students can't drive).  I encourage you to check out the wonderful hobby of letterboxing - a wonderful, healthy, and fun family sport!  There are many other letterboxes in the area - many without mathematical clues too!

My students have been given plenty of time to go out and find these boxes if they desire.  If they are rushing to squeeze it in before the end of the semester, it means they didn't plan appropriately.