Walking Across the Mississippi Letterbox

Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: July 31, 2005
By: The Dragon
Location: Clearwater County, MN
Nearest town: Lake Itasca, MN

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Note: I've been trying to register this box with the state park for years, but I need the GPS coordinates of the box.  If you have GPS capabilities and find this box, please pass them along to me!  Thanks!!!
When I was a little kid, I told my friends that I had walked across the Mississippi River.  They refused to believe me.  Actually, it was not such a large feat for my small feet, and I went back this summer to do it again!  You can do it too and find a box or two* in the process!

*There is another letterbox in the area, but not in the park where this box is.  I thought one was not enough for this area.

Go to the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi.  Spend some time walking across (below left), through (above), and down (below right) the Mississippi. If you walk on the rocks right at the headwaters (see kids below), be very careful - they are very slippery!

Once you are done, take the hiking trail to the east to the second bench (the first bench on the left).  Sit in the middle of the bench and take a bearing of 200 degrees.  Twenty five steps on that heading is the remains of a stump.  Look under the remains on the east side of the stump for the box.  In order to not leave a trail to the box, you might hop through the brush to and from the box, or walk around from different sides to the box.  Replace the box so it is well hidden, preferably with a heavy object (rock) on top so it doesn't get exposed.  Thanks!

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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