"L" is for Letterboxing Letterbook

Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: July 29, 2005
By: The Dragon
Location: Brown County, MN
Nearest town: New Ulm, MN

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Part of the New Ulm Series - Click here for more information

Be sure to read the general information about the "letterbooks" before attempting them!

One of my favorite classes while attending college was "Teaching Art", which, at the time, was taught by the teacher of another of my favorite classes "Children's Literature".  Think about it: we got to have the fun of learning to teach elementary art and read children's books for college credit!  This "letterbook" is dedicated to both classes, as it pertains to the art of children's picture books and children's literature in general.  Buried in the children's literature section of the MLC library is the "L is for Letterboxing" book which you will

need to find using the following clues.

When you "stamp up" in this "letterbook", please be prepared to do some art work that incorporates your stamp image!  I have left an example in the book incorporating my stamp (although in my rush, I forgot to finish my work of art, so I'll have to go back sometime.)  You may use any art medium you wish as long as it doesn't bleed through the pages and/or create a mess on the shelves, but please bring your own supplies.  I used colored pencils, but I could see using a regular pencil, colored pens, non-bleeding markers, oil pastels, chalks, some paints, etc. or even carvings or stamps!  You also might bring hair spray (or other spray) to preserve your art work, especially with chalks, and maybe some wax paper (cut to size) to put between the pages so your work doesn't smudge or ruin other art work.  If this idea scares you because you are not an artist, don't be afraid!  Anything from the mundane to the extravagant is welcome in this book!  One look at my artwork, and you'll see you don't need to do a great work of art!


Use the following clues to fill in the blanks to get the call number for this book.  Then go find it!
Call number: _____ _____   _____ . _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
Clue #: 1 2   3   4 5 6 7 8 9

For this book, you'll find the answers for the following clues observing the artwork and area of the upper level of the MLC library.

Clue #1: Above the entryway into the main part of the library near the circulation desk a Bible passage is quoted.  What is the first letter of the book of the Bible the quote is from?  Enter the letter in the blank above.

Clue #2: Find a preserved page from an old Bible hanging on the wall.  To be sure you found it, you'll note it was brought by Melchoir Erisman around 1717.  The page is from the "______ Bible".  Enter the first letter of the missing word in the blank above.

Clue #3: Go to the entryway of the library.  Count the number of steps you must go up and subtract the number of vertical supports for the railing.  Enter this single digit in the blank above.

Clue #4: Find the wood statue of Martin Luther across from the circulation desk.  He has an open book in front of him.  Find the first letter of the fifth word written on the pages of the book, and enter it in the blank above.

Clue #5: From Clue #2, note the year of the Bible.  Add the middle two digits together, then subtract the first digit to get the single digit number to put in the blank above.

Clue #6: "The New Jerusalem" quote is from Revelations ___ 1:10 & 11a.  Enter the number that goes into this blank in the blank above.

Clues #7: "The Message to Philadelphia" quote is from Revelations 3:__a.  Enter the number that goes into this blank in the blank above.

Clue #8: The "Visions of the End" quote is from Revelations 17:1__.  Enter the number that goes into this blank in the blank above.

Clue #9: The digit not used in Clue #5.  Enter it in the blank above. (Yes, it would be the last digit of the year of the Bible.)

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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