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Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: July 20, 2003
By: The Dragon
Location: Livingston County, MI
Nearest town: Hell, MI

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From a missing chapter of Dante's Inferno recently discovered . . .

And it was that the Poet didst lead me,
on the road to Hell called D32, short for Demon Level 32,
to the best Dam Inn on the Site.

Being hungry, I said to my guide,
Shall we not here abide for a while on our journey,
As such sweet and delectable aroma I have not smelled the whole journey!

Being my guide did ascent to the rest in our journey,
We did imbibe of wonderful foods and drink for a short time,
For it is best not to linger too long in Hell lest one become a permanent resident!

But a few more stops we did make on our journey east of Hell,
To cool ourselves with ice cream (which doesn't last long here),
And for souvenirs to bring home from my trip to prove I'd been to Hell and back.

We again boarded our carriage, and east from the falls we did travel,
On the demon road, for yet another half of a mile or so,
Where we didst pull over on the left in a dirty lot for our carriage.

"Welcome to the next level of Hell!" my guide did warn me,
And as I looked, I saw many souls planted in rows in the ground,
As though they were trees of pine!

These souls were guarded by metallic demons,
Which not only prevented the souls from escaping,
But also prevented carriages from running them over.

Yet as I looked upon this sight, I did notice gaps in their defense,
Where a soul could get past these metallic guardians,
Yet none of the souls within could, for they were firmly rooted.

Being curious, I asked my guide whether we may investigate this level further,
"Ah!  This level you must explore deeper to find the hidden secrets of Hell!" said he,
As he pointed his finger to a path between the souls that opened up in the heat at 334 degrees.

As I pondered whether to take the opening between the guardians to the left or right,
I remembered that one should not stray on the paths in Hell,
So I chose to step over the guardian in front of me and placed myself directly on the path.

"Wise choice not to stray!" my guide said to me,
"You are learning the ways of Hell!  Now stay on this narrow way,
Until the treasure you seek is close at hand!"

Twenty three paces down the path I did feel something below my feet,
Looking down I saw the roots of the souls around me reaching out of the ground,
As though to ensnare or trip me on the path that I might fall and join them!

Forty two paces in I did see a strange sight on my left,
One of the souls did lay parallel to the path quite dead,
And I detected a green covering around its body.

"One of such things that happens to the souls here." my guide did say,
"He was envious of those on the narrow path for the peace within their souls,
Yet did not believe the path was laid for him to take and died in sorrow!"

"Now he lies so close to the path that would have set him free in life,
Dead to take it, and green with the envy he had in life!"
I quickly passed by focusing on the journey ahead.

Eighty nine paces, I did see, a soul that did look like a candle opera,
"What of this poor soul?" I asked. "Why does he stretch so?"
"It was that he wanted much in life that he is forever grabbing at nothing now!" said my guide.

One hundred eleven paces had I walked closer to the prize,
And on my left I did see a different kind of soul than the others here,
The soul was white and split in three - oh the terror I observed!

"This poor soul could never make up their mind!" said Poet,
"Now he stretches to the left, to the right, and to the center,
Forever stretching his mind, but never reaching a conclusion!"

As I moved further along the path I did notice a change beneath my feet,
The path that was once firm had been growing softer,
So I hastened my pace so as not to be mired in the sandy trail.

Seeing the change in my gait, my guide did warn me to be on the lookout,
For the horsemen (and women) have been seen to travel the paths,
and may not take kindly to those who journey by foot!

After traveling 130 paces along the path I did hear a creaking sound,
As the wind moved amongst the souls to my right,
And to my left the souls had larger arms yet drooped with their weight.

Soon I noticed three new souls rising from the ground on my left,
Ever so close to one another in the afterlife, yet firmly planted,
That as children they may not play together, not ever!

But across the path!  A prize caught my eye!
A soul had escaped leaving its 12 foot tall stump behind!
The soul was free, but its remains were still there for all the souls to see.

The soul was free, for next to it, was its perfect substitute,
That laid down its life for the other to be saved,
And remained by its side for all eternity!

And using the body and blood of this substitute,
I myself was able to reach into the depths of the freed soul's remains, 
To grab hold of the prize I so earnestly sought and needed!

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