The Broken Key Letterbox

Terrain: Hilly trail (moderate)
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: June 21, 2005 (Replanted: June 16, 2011)
By: The Dragon
Location: Washtenaw County, MI
Nearest town: Guthrie, MI

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Well after a great day of letterboxing the day after the third annual Great Lakes Gathering, I drove my weary self back to my campsite at Waterloo. In my rush to ready myself for the next day of 'boxin', I did not notice until I was just heading to bed that my car key had snapped in two in my trunk lock!

Well, lucky for me, Saturn of Ann Arbor was kind enough to deliver me a new key at about noon the next day. So, what does a letterboxer do at a campsite while they are

waiting around?  They carve a new box to commemorate the occasion! And just as I was putting the finishing touches on the box, along comes the guy with my new key! Perfect timing.

As I tried to do the 'boxin' I planned to do that day, I looked for a place to hide my new box. As I headed to Lansing Lake Park North, heading west on Hwy 43 (Grand River Ave.) I passed a wayside/historical marker between Meridian Rd North and Meridian Rd. South along the Red Cedar River and stopped there to place the box. The wayside was there to commemorate the Grand River Indian Trail which is now US 16.

Unfortunately for me, my hiding location was so good, that a geocacher decided to plant their cache there as well.  Not surprisingly, my stamp was collected as geo-trash almost immediately.  (Here's the old clues: Well, when you find the wayside, find the 4th picnic table west - the 2nd one west of the outhouse. Then head right for the fence. Look between the fence and the large single trunk tree - they are making a sandwich with the box in the middle. Re-hide so it can't be seen from either side.)

In 2011, I got back to MI for the GLG at Proud Lake and took the opportunity to replace this box.  I couldn't make it back up around Lansing, so I decided to hide the box near the scene of the crime at Waterloo.

New Clues:
Waterloo Recreation Area Discovery Center
Upper lot.
Post #5
Yellow Trail
Zig-zag on left
Down, down, down
"Poison Ivy"
Bench with fence and scenic overlook
(Continue on main trail, not the trail behind bench)
Sawn log
Take 50
"Black Cherry"
Up, up, up
Zig-zag on right
Down, down, down
Zig-zag on right
Broken V on left - broken part 10 ft tall and decayed, live part very tall and leaning over trail
21 steps
Broken standing on left
Under broken off splinter in back
Blue triangle 18 too far

To exit: Pass blue triangle 18 and take next right up to a familiar place

Re-hide and re-seal well. Thanks!

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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