A Cheesehead in Idaho Letterbox

Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: July ??, 2010
By: The Dragon
Location: Southwest, ID

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This box celebrates the two icons of Wisconsin and Idaho and was inspired by my trip to Idaho in 2010, when I finally got to see where my two step-daughters grew up, and to visit with my grandkids.  In all, there are five Wisconsin/Idaho-ites in the Dragon family.

In order to decipher the clues to the box, you will need to do some research on Wisconsin and Idaho.  Answer the following questions:

1) What famous type of cheese was invented in Wisconsin?  ____________

2) Other than "Cheesehead", a Wisconsinite might also be called a "________head".

3) You will most often see a Wisconsinite wearing a cheesehead when cheering for the ________.
(Exclude the city - just the team name.)

4) If you want to be a _________, Just come along with me, By the bright shining light,
By the light of the moon,...

5) What county is Wisconsin's first letterbox in? __________

6) What city in Idaho hosts the museum about the Idaho icon? ___________

7) Where/What is the deepest river gorge in the North American Continent? ___________

8) What lake monster might one spot on the Idaho/Utah state border? (The) _____________

9) A person may not be seen in public without a smile on their face in what Idaho city? _________

10) E.H., a famous writer, is buried in _________, Idaho.

Now take the first letter of each of the ten answers above in order. ____________
It will NOT form a recognizable word, but it is your clue to decipher the following clues:

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