Art in the Park Letterbox
What Zoo Boise Needs

Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: July 18, 2010
Replaced: July 2013
By: The Dragon
Location: Boise, ID

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Years ago, I fell in love with MC Escher's art, particularly his tessellations.  As a math student and teacher, I have used various techniques to create Escher-type tessellations.  In fact, my signature stamp is the tessellation piece of one of my first computer generated tessellations.  (You can see it on my home page.) 

In this box is one of the tessellation pieces that I have created in the past.  This box is intended to be a quick find, but the tough part comes in when you attempt to tessellate it!  See, the stamp image is a puzzle piece of one.  It will interlock with itself - hence a tessellation!  An example of the tessellation, and how it might be colored in at home is in the box.  I hope you enjoy this box and don't get too frustrated!  If you would like to learn more about tessellations and my techniques, email me!  (My tessellation website is currently down...)

History of this box:

The first Sunday I was in Idaho, we took our grandkids to Zoo Boise.  As we entered Julia Davis Park, I noticed that the Boise Art Museum is located near the entrance, and I thought - "Hmmm, I should place one of my 'Art in the Park' boxes here."  Putting that in the back of my head, we went on to the zoo.  It is a pretty good zoo for its size, with the largest tigers I've ever seen in a zoo!  However, my step-daughter pointed out that Zoo Boise is missing one important animal.  Then everything fit into place for this box.  Find the box, and you'll find what Zoo Boise is missing...(until now)!


Head to the Boise Zoo and Art Museum. Park where you can. You will want to follow the Greenbelt in a southeast direction until you find the lightpost at the NE 0.3 sign near where the giraffes are in the zoo. Continue southeast on the Greenbelt until you get to the fourth lightpost on the right(the third past the one at NE 0.3). From this lightpost, turn to face the river and walk to the tree that is "In Memory of Rascal and Lady" - the faithful companions of Dorothy E Vetter. Behind this tree is a path leading to the river. Take a few steps down this path and look to the left. The box is in the crook of the fallen tree at the base under leaves and rocks. There should be a picnic table nearby that you can use to stamp up on. Be discrete as this is a high-traffic area.

Please re-hide the box with the rocks and leaves so it is firmly in place and hidden. Make it look natural too. Thanks!

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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