Wisconsin Mystery Letterbox

Terrain: Nice forest path to first box.
Some bush-whacking, steep hill climbing and descending to second
Difficulty: ??
Placed: ??
By: The Dragon
Location: ??, WI
Nearest town: ??, WI

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***Due to the terrain and possible side hikes you might take, it would be best to do these boxes when there is no ice or snow.  Also, if you are feeling adventurous, you might want to bring a sturdy rope (100 ft) and a flashlight so you can investigate the hidden secrets in this area a little easier and safer.  The boxes have now been placed in locations that should be completely safe to get to.  Any additional investigating of the area you do at your own risk and is not for little kids.  For the boxes, the regular LbNA waiver also applies.***

"Three tunnels started,
One tunnel thwarted,
One tunnel took a dive,
One tunnel still alive."

On the highway one can take if one is just old enough to enjoy one of Milwaukee's (Wisconsin's) finest, find the "city" that is not a city where it meets a delicious sounding county road.  Take the delicious road as it winds through the "city" over two sets of tracks made by iron horses.  At a bend, follow the flag 0.65 miles to the "city" dump on the right and park.  From the sign telling you that you might be "sooed" for trespassing, note the faint trail.  The trail branches to the left and down as well as to the right and up.  If you like iron horses, you might want to go down the left path eventually and take in the view from there, but to get the box you need to take the path to the right and up.  As you crest the hill above "Satan's Hallway", as it was called once, you will meet a sawed-off telegraph pole.  From this pole, take 25 more steps along the trail, veering right at the split.  On your right is a fallen tree which looks like an "L".  Look under bark and dirt in the corner of the "L" for the box.  Please re-hide well and naturally so it is not easily spotted or gets washed away down the hill.  Thanks!

Added incentive - there is a another clue in this box to another mystery box close by!

Good luck!

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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