Watery Grave Letterbox

Asphalt path and woods
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: November 30, 2003
By: The Dragon
Milwaukee County, WI
Nearest town:
Wauwatosa, WI

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"Why are there gravestones in Honey Creek?" a reader asked Jim Stingl of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (see story here).  Intrigued by the story, I went to search out this interesting sight noting the directions given in the article - and to hide a letterbox to boot!


Park to the south of Hart Park at 72nd Street and Honey Creek Parkway.  Cross the footbridge over Honey Creek there, and you'll be on a strip of land between two rivers - Honey Creek, which you just crossed, and the Menomonee River which has a bridge crossing it just a little ways further north down the asphalt path you are on.  To your right is a grassy area with a number of trees, with a particularly large tree kind of in the center.  From here you can go and find the letterbox or visit the watery grave:

To visit the watery graves:  Go to the large tree on the right.  You can recognize it by the two boards nailed into its side about 15-20 feet up.  From this tree, spot the path in the bushes at 80 degrees, 22 paces away.  Take this path to its end where the two rivers meet, then go a few paces to the right up along Honey Creek.  There in the creek you should be able to spot the gravestones.  Some of the gravestones are better viewed from the other side of the creek, which you can get to by re-crossing the footbridge.  Enjoy the sight!

To find the letterbox:  Take the dirt path that leads along the river and uphill into the woods that is to the west of the south end of the footbridge over the Menomonee River. After 45 paces you'll find yourself atop a rutty small hill, with a large depression in front of you.  Spot the fallen tree and its stump at 232 degrees and go to the stump.  There is a path there going at 313 degrees.  Walk 43 paces along this path deeper into the woods.  (Don't get run over by a mountain biker!)  Stop!  You should see a small fallen tree to your left.  Turn right, and about 2 paces off the trail there is a tree with a gaping hole in its back side.  There, tucked inside the hole on the left and hidden by leaves and bark, you will find the letterbox.  Be sure to re-hide the box extremely well and safely as this is a busy area!  Make sure the box is replaced upside-down (so water doesn't collect inside) and covered with the loose bark and leaves - not just placed in the tree opening.  Thanks!

(To do the Squished Pennies Letterbox, go back to the Menomonee River bridge and cross over the river.  Continue on the asphalt path as it makes its way northwest through the park.  After about a quarter mile you will pass the tennis courts and volleyball courts and get to a bridge that parallels the railroad bridge.  Continue on the path west and cross the track at the signal crossing and continue into the parking lot under the large bridge.  You can pick up the Squished Pennies clues from here.)

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