Edgar Allen Hippoe Letterbox

Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: November 1, 2003
By: Tim Kuehl (The Dragon)
Location: Marathon County, WI
Nearest town: Edgar, WI

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This box is dedicated to my alter-ego - Sandra Boynton's character, Edgar Allen Hippoe.  Edgar is a chocolate-loving hippo.  Although I am not a hippo (yet), I am a chocoholic, and Edgar became my alter-ego starting in high school.  To this day, I still keep a stuffed animal version of Edgar in my classroom office - along with lots of chocolate!


In Edgar, WI, travel down 3rd Street to Oak Street.  Take Oak Street west until it ends in a dirt parking lot and park there.  Find the wide snowmobile trail in the southwest corner of the lot and the tree with a pink mark on the right at the beginning of the trail.  Walk about 90 paces down the trail from the pink marked tree.  You should find yourself standing over a double culvert.  Find the triple-trunked tree at a bearing of 166 degrees about 30 paces from you.  Go to that tree and find the gash in its side.  At about eye level, you will find the box covered by loose bark and tucked into a shelf created in the crevice.  Please return the box to the shelf and cover it with bark and leaves so it cannot be seen from the front or back of the tree.

Thanks and enjoy!

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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