Tribeca Letterboxes

Terrain: Coffee Shop
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: July 12, 2011
By: The Dragon
Jefferson County, WI
Nearest town: Watertown, WI

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Tribeca After finding the letterbox at Baby's Coffee in Key West, FL with my sister, she thought it would be fun to hide a letterbox in her favorite coffee shop up here in Wisconsin. 

Well, after two years of gathering all the materials and then finding the time to create the boxes, here's two boxes you can enjoy at this wonderful coffee shop.
Tribeca is not your typical coffee shop.  In addition to a large selection of drinks and snacks, there is a wide selection of new and used books to buy or peruse while enjoying your latte.  There is even a children's section in the loft upstairs.  Be sure to check out all they have to offer! (See Tribeca's website for hours and location).

When you get to Tribeca, go to the counter and ask for "a peanut butter latt in a jif".  They should then hand you the first "box".  Inside are the clues to a bonus box as well.  As it says in the clues, be careful pulling out the bonus box as there are fragile items nearby.  An adult should pull it out slowly, and put it back just as carefully.  With care, it should not be difficult to get out.

There are inking pens with the bonus box which can be
used with both box stamps.  Also, there is a very small
Jif cartoon
stamp in the first box if you want to add the leaf in the logo on the first stamp.  Take care not to lose it.


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