Creative Writing: The Never-ending Story Letterbox and Wisconsin Hitchhiker Hostel

Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: October 30, 2003
By: The Dragon
Location: Milwaukee, WI

Note: I don't think it is much of a secret anymore that when you find this box in addition to stamping in on the left page, you also write a page of additional text to the ongoing story on the right page.  Since the story is getting rather long, you can choose to either read the story when you get there or read most of the story ahead of time by clicking this story link.  If you've been to this box in the past and want to read the story so far, you may use this link as well.

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Where else would a story be but in a library?  To find this box, you must first find the library, then decipher the clues to determine the call number of the book.  Be ready to be creative when you find this box!

First locate yourself before the doors of the Marvin Schwan Library (the library that ice cream built).  Before entering the library take a walk around the green plaza to the east of the door to the library to find the following (in no particular order):
1) Short name for a basketball "zebra" who might be found in the Rex (Recreation Complex) during a game.  If they get you in a "foul" mood, you might offer your glasses to them.  (This is info you should know, not find on your walk.) ________

2) Find the sculpture of the Divine Servant.  Alphabetically, what letter would fall between the first two letters of the 4th word on the second last line on the plaque?

3) Find the year the Center for Arts and Performance was built.  Find the result of dividing the middle two numbers.

4) Find the engraving on the sculpture of the Divine Servant.  The sculpture depicts a scene described in the Bible in chapter 10  verses 43-45 of what Bible book?  Take the last letter of that book.

5) Find the flag poles.  How many are there?

6) Look at the flags.  One is the state flag.  What is the last number on it?  Another flag is for the place you are at.  What is the last number on that flag?  Subtract these two numbers and what do you get?

You now have the call number of The Never-ending Story Letterbox!  Enter the library and go find it!  The Wisconsin Hitchhiker Hostel is located right next to this letterbox.  Letterboxers may return to both boxes from time to time to take or drop-off a hitchhiker and add to the Never-ending Story or just to check on its status.  Please do not over-fill the hostel!

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.
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