Rogue Stamp 2 and 3 Letterboxes

a.k.a. "I'm looking over, a box in Plover..."

Terrain: Grassy Park
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: October 28, 2006
Re-Placed (w/ different stamp and clues): October 21, 2008
Additional box (RS3) placed October 29, 2010

By: The Dragon
Location: Portage County, WI
Nearest town: Plover, WI
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Once again a mystery stamp showed up outside my classroom one day.  Since no one claimed it, it is being turned into a letterbox for you to find.  Yes, this is a commercially-made stamp, so my apologies to those who only want hand-carved ones.  Although the stamp is cute, don't be disappointed in getting a very simple image.

Actually, as it turns out, this may actually be considered one of those boxes placed in a neat spot to go to.  The park I found to hide this box in has a great Korean War Memorial which is worth the trip (even if the stamp isn't worth it. . . :-p).

Go to Korean War Memorial Park in Plover, WI.  It is in the southwest corner of the intersection of I-39 and County B at exit 153 (see map linked above).  Ok, so technically, it is a little south of that exact corner, and I do believe that Mall Rd. now continues south to Maple Drive.  Drive east on Maple Dr. which becomes the entry drive to the park.  Park in the eastern-most lot at the very end of Maple Dr. by the shelter and baseball field.

From the parking lot, walk south along the east side of the lake towards the forest.  Enter the forest on the wide path you should find there.  After continuing south for a while, the path will make a right turn.  Turn right and take 19 more steps along the path.  Look to your left into the forest.  Spot the splinter of a stump and its fallen remains.  Is the box in the stump or the fallen remains?  Reach in to find out.  Replace accordingly.  Thanks! (Update! I checked on this box while planting RS3 and it would seem a geocacher took over my box location and possibly removed my box.)

Continue on the trail west and exit the grove.  Soon the trail will enter a second grove and make a sharp right turn.  Take 39 steps from the turn and stop.  Look to your left into the woods and spot the tall tree with a large scar.  Head over to this tree, being careful not to get burned on the rope vines along the way.  Look in the scar about head high behind a stick and leaves.  Replace accordingly.  Thanks!

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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