Leek Spin Girls Series

Flat bike path with side-tracks to boxes
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: June 29, 2010
By: The Dragon
Location: Waukesha County, WI
Nearest town: Wales, WI
Colors: Black stamp with coloring pencils inside box to add color if desired.
Printer-friendly clues (contains only the clues to find the boxes - Step 2)

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When I found Sunny Side Up's "National Symbol of Wales" box I just KNEW I would have to plant these two boxes nearby!  Anytime I get my hands on a leek, either in the store or at home, I feel the need to imitate one of these two videos.  You'll need to just watch two of the main videos, but you can easily see how viral these videos went on youtube with the large number of hits and spin-offs.

Step 1: Watch the videos

First watch a video of the original leek spin girl - Inoue from Bleach:

Count the number of times her mouth opens in 56 seconds: A = _______

Next, watch one of the spin-offs - the Vocaloid girl Hatsune Miku doing the techno/trance version:

How many seconds into the video does she start reading a book? _______

How many seconds into the video does she start drinking from a jug? _______

Subtract these two values and divide the result by two: B = _______

Step 2: Find the boxes (see print version above to print clues)

Now that you have the information you need, go find Sunny Side Up's "National Symbol of Wales" box.  Then head further down the trail until you get to the 6 mile marker.

To find the original leek-spin girl:  Go A (_____) steps WEST on the trail from the 6 mile marker.  There on your right (north side of the trail) are a number of discarded railroad ties under the brush.  Go into the brush and find the one that is sticking back the most from the trail in a N/S direction.  Lift the north end of this tie to reveal the box.  Replace accordingly. (There is some leaf and wood debris hiding the box along the side of the RR tie as well.)

To find the techno leek-spin girl:  Go B (_____) steps EAST on the trail from the 6 mile marker.  There on your right (south side of the trail) is a rockfall consisting of rocks that are breaking off the underside of a larger rock.  Carefully climb the hill to the large rock.  Look under the large triangular rock that has broken off under the east side of the larger rock.  Note that other rocks and leaves are used to bury and hide the box some more.  Replace accordingly.

Any maintenance you can do to keep this boxes in tip-top shape, as well as status reports, would be appreciated.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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