Hancock Park Letterbox

Terrain: Grassy Park
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: October 27, 2006
By: The Dragon
Waushara County, WI
Nearest town: Hancock, WI
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While looking for a place to hide a box in Waushara County, I stumbled upon a true gem of a playground.  What makes it a "gem" - at least for me - is that it is a playground from the past.  As the picture shows, the equipment is mostly metal, and there are fun things such as a teeter-totter, a curvy slide, a merry-go-round, and real swings.  There is even a tire swing and an acrobatic bar!  This park inspired me to take the time to sit and carve a tribute stamp to the playground instead of hiding the box I had on hand.  Go and enjoy this gem from the past before some lawyer gets it yanked, and preserve the memory of real playgrounds with the stamp image from this box!  And if you or your kids get hurt, please realize it is part of growing up and not worth going to court over!*  Thanks!

*Note for any "litigation-happy" people out there: Getting this box does not require you to play on the playground.  If you get hurt playing on the playground, it was your decision to play on it, not mine therefore you cannot sue me.  If you get hurt finding the letterbox (which is extremely unlikely), please reference the waiver linked below.

Stand where your butt would be if you were on the south end of the teeter-totter and the person on the north end just got off quickly. (Ouch! Live and learn!)  Look to the west and spot the three foot tall trunk along the fence of park.  The letterbox is in the center of that trunk and is accessed by removing leaves and reaching down inside the trunk from the top.  Before retrieving the box, be sure you can do it discreetly.  Also note that the box is placed in the trunk so it is wedged in the hole so it won't fall all the way down the shaft.  Please replace it the same way so others can reach it! 
UPDATE! The trunk has fallen almost completely apart.  Do your best to keep it hidden when back in place.


Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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