Door County 45th Parallel Hwy 42

Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: July 24, 2008
By: The Dragon
Location: Door County, WI
Nearest town: Egg Harbor, WI

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There are two locations in Door County, WI where the 45th parallel (the midpoint between the equator and the north pole) is marked by a geological marker - one on the east side along Hwy 57 and another on the west side along Hwy 42.  This box was placed to add another letterbox to the many 45th parallel letterboxes started by Matt the Rat.  Visit Matt's site for more information about the 45th parallel and this spot in particular.


Drive to the wayside with the geographical marker a few miles south of Egg Harbor, WI.  Walk through the shelter with two benches and stand on the right (north) side of the second flat large rock there.  Take a bearing of 265 and walk to the beech tree 30 paces away.  You should find the box in the hole in the bottom of the tree.  Please re-hide well, fitting the box snugly into the hole and covering it with the rock and tree debris.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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